How To Get Your Email Delivered And Read!

September 25th, 2014

I spend a lot of my time teaching others how to generate
website traffic, and how to get those website visitors
onto a mailing list, so that they can later be marketed

This can be very profitable. In fact, I’ve earned a major
portion of my income doing this for most of the last 18

Over those 18 years, things have changed a LOT, so I
constantly study what is currently most effective!

The biggest change that I’ve noticed is that it’s just
harder to get your email delivered, and when you do manage
to get it into your subscribers’ inboxes, it can be a
challenge getting it read.

Let’s look at the delivery issue first…

ISP’s email servers are so bombarded with spam, that they
HAVE to filter the incoming email, or the servers would be
overwhelmed. On top of that your subscribers are so
bombarded with email, that they often set up filters. I
personally have dozens of filters set up that automatically
sort my email as it’s downloaded!

I read one report, several months ago, that said over 70%
of all email is deleted on the server BEFORE it reaches the
intended recipients’ inboxes.

Not getting your email deleted by ISP’s before it even
reaches your subscribers’ inboxes involves “practicing good
email hygiene” and following a few other “best practices.”

When I say good email hygiene, I mean making sure that your
list only has interested subscribers on it. You should
delete any email that bounces more than a few times, you
should promptly delete those who ask you to unsubscribe them,
and you should delete subscribers who no longer open your

With most good autoresponder services, you are required to
include an unsubscribe link in each broadcast, but some people
don’t seem to notice those, and sometime the links malfunction,
so if a subscriber asks you to unsubscribe them, do it

There was a time when I did NOT see the point in deleting
people who haven’t opened your emails in a long time. However,
now I understand that it does affect your email “reputation,”
and therefore your email deliverability. For that reason, some
autoresponder services will automatically delete emails of
people who haven’t opened an email in a predefined period of

I personally filter through my database, and delete the
emails of anyone who hasn’t opened an email in three months.
Part of my motivation in doing that is that two of the three
autoreponoder services that I use charge based upon the number
of subscribers you have.

My autoresponder providers told me that using a “throwaway
email address” also affects deliverability, and that I
should use my ISP provided email or one from my own domain.
I use to use a gmail email address in my “From” field, but
now use my own domain name, and have noticed an increase in
email deliverability.

A point of caution here… you want to check to make sure
that your domain name hasn’t been blacklisted and that
Google hasn’t identified your site as having other problems.

I use Google Webmaster Tools to monitor how my site is
viewed by Google and the world. If Google has a problem
with your site, they will leave you a note right within
your Webmaster Tools account. You can get an account free

By the way,this is also how I monitor what Google thinks of
my sites overall… and how I avoid getting sites de-indexed!

Since autoresponder service providers DEPEND upon their
ability to get customers’ email delivered, they have to
study things very closely, and they pass a lot of
information along to customers. So, whenever I log into my
autoresponder accounts, I look for updates, and read their

An example, is that I have old friends who often email their
lists several times per day. One even emailed his list
FOUR times per day! Others email, then a few hours later,
sending a second email to “unopens.”

One of my autoresponder providers has it right in their
Terms Of Use that a customer is NOT allowed to email any
list more than once a day.

They point out that the practice is picked up by the spam
filters and “black marks” are allocated against the “Sender”
email address (yours) and the email processor, which just
means more of your emails will be routed to the spam folder
in the future.

Since I’ve spent YEARS building my databases, and actually
have subscribers who have been with me 10 years or more, I
listen to my providers experience-based recommendations.

I also study what a lot of other email marketers are doing,
and constantly learn from their testing and tracking
results. In fact, my favorite course on the topic is by
my friend Martin O’Flynn, which I recommend you check out

With that recommendation, and noticing how long this article
is getting, I’m going to end Part-1. I’ll post Part-2
tomorrow. So for now, maybe check out Marty’s course ;-)

Willie Crawford has been email marketing, and teaching
others how to earn a living from the internet since 1996.
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September 24th, 2014

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Lessons Learned From 18 Years Of Internet Marketing And Product Launches

September 24th, 2014

Yesterday, I started getting a lot of notes congratulating me for
having spent 18 years online.

After a little checking, I saw that LinkedIn had flagged that it
was my “work anniversary.”

In those 18 years, I’ve seen a LOT of people start businesses
online… and seen a lot fail, quit, and go back to their offline

I’ve also seen a LOT of people do product launches… large and

In watching all of those product launches, some were successful
(marginally or massively), and others were dismal failures.

What I learned from watching it all is that you really DON’T know
what’s going to work until you give it a try.

Some ideas that you think are brilliant, the market won’t want.
Often that’s just a matter of timing. At other times it’s a
matter of not doing adequate market research before proceeding
with an idea.

I also learned how to avoid failed product launches… you listen
to your market, do a small test, and then scale up only if the
market PROVES that they want the product.

This type of testing can be done fairly quickly, and it doesn’t
have to cost you a lot of money!

The key is to not get too invested in a product or service idea
at first.

If you test market it, and the market doesn’t go crazy over it at
first, you do some tweaking (trying to fix the problems), and if
you still can’t get it to work, often it’s best to move on the
next project.

That doesn’t mean that you completely give up on your product or
service idea… it’s OK to revisit it later… when market
conditions have perhaps changed.

Anyway, that’s what 18 years in the trenches, earning a degree
from the school of hard knocks, has taught me:-)


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September 23rd, 2014

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Why Most Solo Ads Are A Complete Waste Of Money

July 21st, 2014

Actually, my personal experience has shown me
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That’s because many people selling solo ads
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swaps with solo ad sellers.

So your solo ads are often going out to lists
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Needless to say, many of these lists are fairly
unresponsive. To get around this, some solo ad
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clicks to you that you paid for.

I’ve purchases thousands of dollars worth of
solo ads, and I’ve been VERY disappointed with
the results from most of them. These were most
often ads where I purchased a certain number of

The clicks WERE delivered, but the sellers often
used “churn and burn” methods and blind copy,
which meant that those who clicked through had
NO IDEA what they were clicking through to.

That’s part of the reason that I recently got
into the solo ad business. My subscribers are
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Tell me the URL that you want to send traffic to and
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However, this rant is not about offering you my
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This note is to tell you how to protect yourself when
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My good friend, Matt Bacak, went out and BRUTALLY rated
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When I personally buy solo ads from time to time, I
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July 20th, 2014

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A Big Reason Your Emails May Be Going Straight To Your Subscribers’ SPAM Folders

July 18th, 2014

I made a previous post about emails coming off certain
autoresponder services ending up in my spam folder at Gmail, not
because of the spam score of the specific email, but because
Gmail had flagged email from that provider as typically being

Being inquisitive… and helpful, I contacted tech support at the
particular third-party autoresponder service, and showed them a
screenshot of the problem I was observing.

They responded with an in-depth explanation of the challenges
that they face, and how they constantly work to correct them (and
get your email delivered).

One of the things that they mentioned that is TOTALLY with the
control of most email marketers, is list hygiene.

They reminded me that ISP’s DO monitor email opens, and if they
see that a lot of their users have been getting emails from you
regularly, but haven’t opened an email from you in MONTHS, then
they will often flag email from that source as spam.

That means that if you are an email marketer on a system that
allows you to monitor open rates, and remove subscribers who
don’t regularly open your emails, then you probably should. You
won’t be losing sales… you’ll increase your email delivery, and
in the process… increase sales.

Incidentally, the third-party autoresponder provider
AUTOMATICALLY removes subscribers in your database who haven’t
opened an email in “x” months. Several of the autoresponder
companies that I’m familiar with do this.

Just food for thought!

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