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August 26th, 2015

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When I Held THREE Jobs And Was Taking 26 Semester Hours Of Classes

August 25th, 2015

I shared a news story on FB yesterday about a restaurant patron
who didn’t leave a tip because it took an hour for them to get
their food… probably through no fault of the waitress.

An individual who had worked their way through college working in
restaurants, took exception to my post… assuming that I was
endorsing “stiffing” the waitress.

He also assumed that I had no background in serving food to

Allow me to share part of my college years with you.

My second semester of college I applied for a job at “University
Food Services” at NCSU, and was hired as a bus boy.

That lasted about 2 days before I tired of picking up after other
students, and so I asked my supervisor for a job with more
potential, and responsibility.

That led to me being put in charge of first a grill area/sandwich
line, then an ice cream parlor, then a snack bar, then being made
the catering coordinator.

As the catering coordinator, I supervised 4 or 5 student banquet
supervisors, who in-turn, supervised 40-60 waiters.

By my senior year, I held this job at the same time that I was:

1) A “Resident Adviser” in my dorm… a student trained in
para-professional counseling, who helped students in my dorm deal
with problems as serious as them contemplating suicide or losing
family members, but I also let them in their rooms when they
locked themselves out.

2) A cadet colonel in ROTC. I held the highest rank possible in
ROTC and was interviewed to see if I wanted to be the corps
commander… in charge of around 500 cadets.

I declined because that was the same semester that I changed
majors, going from biology/pre-medicine, to economics.

I didn’t have the background in HS for the rigorous pre-med
course of study. It was assumed that a poor kid like me would
grow up, maybe deal drugs, and end up on prison… or dead at an
early age… so I wasn’t steered along the college-prep path.
When I was in the 11th grade, the guidance counselor noticed that
I was practically a straight-A student, and that’s when the topic
of college surfaced.

NO ONE in my immediate family had gone to college, and we had no
money for it… so I qualified for a small grant, 2 small
scholarships, and I worked most of my 5 years in college.

Anyway, when I was in my first semester as a junior, I switched
majors, took 26 semester hours of classes, so that I could
graduate in 5 years… instead of taking longer, and made the
dean’s list that semester.

3) The catering coordinator… a job where, when exams rolled
around, lots of waiters and my supervisors called in sick. I
often pitched in to see that banquets went off without a hitch,
and that cleanup afterwards went smoothly.

I became a master at operating our high pressure dish washing
machine and at scrubbing HUGE pots.

This job is also where I learned a lot about handling pressure.
I learned that MOST of the students working for me did NOT want
to be in-charge. I personally discovered that so few people
wanted the job that they couldn’t afford to fire me :-)

Then Governor Jim Hunt was a former NCSU grad, so he hosted a LOT
of functions on-campus, and I got to supervise some of them.

I remember one where the main course was Peking Duck. The
banquet was at a building away from the main campus, so the food
had to be transported from the campus’ main kitchen to the remote

While my team was hauling the heated food, in “hot carts” to the
remote location, an improperly secured hot cart broke free,
smashed into the back door of the truck… knocking it open, and
dumped the main course into the street.

My guys called me and asked what I wanted them to do. I
contemplated telling them to put the food back into the trays for
a split second, then told them to let me get back to them.

I approached the governors aid, explaining what had happened.

After he stopped laughing, he asked if we had any other foods
already cooked. We had the roast beef that was scheduled to be
offered on the sandwich line the next day.

That’s what we served, and the governor seemed pleased with how I
handled the situation.

At another banquet, this elderly lady let out a screech… just
as we were serving the main course.

I went over to her, and she showed me a FLY in her roast beef au
jus. She screamed, “Look at it! It’s obvious that the fly was
COOKED in the roast beef, it’s falling apart, meaning it got into
the kitchen before you even started cooking the roast beef.

I calmed her down, and relayed the story to my boss the next day.
He laughed and said that he was glad that it was ME facing the
lady rather than HIM?

Back to my point of this entire post… we often interpret things
based upon our experiences, and assumptions that we make.

Our assumptions ARE our reality!

I personally live by “The Four Agreements“… ancient Toltec
wisdom that teaches me that I should make no assumptions… and
so I try not to.

I graduated with my bachelors in 1982, saw my first war in 1983
(one of at least 7 war… or “conflicts other than wars” that I
was thrust into), have traveled to 52 different countries now,
speak a little of 18 languages… and learn something new each

I know what it feels like to serve food to others, to clean up
after them, and to “grin and take it.”

Lighten up and grab a copy of my bio… for free, at:

Why It’s Worthwhile To Visit Free List-Building Giveaway Sites, And How That’s Earned Me Six Figures!

August 24th, 2015

We frequently get emails where participants in a free
list-building giveaway tells us about a site where you can
visit… and download hundreds of free gifts.

The participants do this because they are part of a JV which is
set up to help them build their lists.

The question YOU should ask yourself is whether ANYTHING offered
on one of these sites can be of value to you.

My answer is an unequivocal YES… but you need to be very picky
about what you download.

I’m a big believer in the saying that “one man’s trash is another
man’s treasure”… because it has been proven to me.

People who are JV partners, list their freebies on these sites,
to help them build their lists.

YES, 90% of what is listed in MOST of these events is absolute

At the same time, those who “get it” offer quality gifts and as a
result, build their lists, and start building a solid
relationship with their new subscribers.

I PERSONALLY visit these sites… looking for hidden treasures…
things that I can resell, offer as bonuses, or re-purpose in some

Let me give you a six-figure example…

If you visit my web page at:
http://Chitterlings.com/cookbook.html you’ll notice that I sell a
“soul food cookbook” from there.

On that page, I tell people that when they “order today” I’ll
throw in a CD containing a “BONUS COLLECTION” of the following
free cookbooks (in PDF):

100 Succulent Chinese Recipes

1000 Atkins Diet Recipes

101 Camping & Outdoor Recipes

101 Recipes For The Deep Fryer

111 Egg Recipes

120 Lip-Smacking Good Jam Recipes

300 Chicken Recipes

400 Refreshing Punch Recipes

470 Crock Pot Recipes

600 Recipes For Chili Lovers

65 Tried And True Amish Recipes

Blue Ribbon Recipes

Cat Head Biscuits And Garlic Fried Chicken

Cheesecake Recipes

Chocolate Recipes For Chocolate Lovers

Delicious Diabetic Recipes

Delicious Italian Dishes

Delicious Puddings

Delicious Soup Recipes

Fish Recipes

Great Sandwiches

Ice Cream Recipes

Kids Fun Recipes

Make Wines & Spirits Guide

More Great Sandwich Recipes

Mouth Watering Apple Recipes

Quick And Easy Cooking: 155 Time Saving Recipes

Recipes From Around The World

Recipes From South Of The Border

Salad Recipes

Smoothies For Athletes

Summer Party Cooking Recipes

The Appetizer Collection

The Big Book Of Cookies

The Bread And Biscuit Baker’s Assistant

The Bread Machine Cookbook

The Complete Library Of Cooking! (5 books!!!)

Ultimate Chicken Wing Cookbook

Now, I enclose a CD with each physical cookbook that I ship, that
contains all of these PDF’s. If they order the PDF version of my
cookbook, the download page contains links to download these

The thing is that ALL of these PDF ebooks, along with
unrestricted rights, were GIVEN to me in a free list-building

Yes, 99% of people who saw this item, saw no real value in it. I
added it to my sales page, and it boosted my conversions

I’ll go as far as to credit adding that one thing, that I got
100% for free, to my salespage… for at least six-figures in
increased sales since I did that.

I also look for PLR products that I can easily revise and
actually sell or use as bonuses, etc.

Again, remember that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”

Don’t discount these free giveaways.

Here is one that I’m taking part in right now, and highly
recommend that you check out immediately:
Just look over what’s offered, asking what can (and will) you
really use, and HOW.

So let it be written… so let it be DONE.


40 Million Active Small Business Pages On Facebook – How YOU Can Cash In

August 24th, 2015

40 million, that’s really quite a lot of people trying
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People who could probably use a bit of help… 😉

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When List-Building JV’s Are Worthwhile And How I Use Them…

August 22nd, 2015

I did a webinar a while back on how I’ve added tens of thousands
of new subscribers to my database over the years… using free
list-building giveaways.

If you want to check out that webinar, the recording is posted
here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SMBNPNnZ40

In these events, I offer free, TOP QUALITY gifts to people who
visit my website and opt-in to my list(s).

When I say “top quality gifts” I’m generally talking about
totally unique gifts that people can’t find anywhere else.

For example, I recently offered an MP3 audio and PDF transcript
sharing how I’ve PERSONALLY built a database of over 1 million…
over the past 19 years.

I also recently offered the MP3 and PDF of an interview where a
friend and I shared 15 (Yes FIFTEEN) different free or VERY
low-cost ways that we drive traffic to our sites.

By the way, you can get BOTH of those free gifts here:

Anyway, even though I already have a HUGE database, I still use
free giveaway as a part of my traffic generation and
list-building mix. My goal is to build my database to around 2
million… and then largely retire… living off the income
produced just by communicating with my lists… or having an
assistant do that for me :-)

I’ll use the revenue generated from communicating with my lists
for a lot of projects and causes that I want to support.

Recently, I’ve focused on a new type of list-building JV… one
where each JV partner commits to generating a minimum number of
clicks. If any JV partner fails to live up to their commitment,
their product is removed from the giveaway.

I like that model, because a lot of people sign up for free
list-building JV’s with the best of intentions, but for whatever
reason, they never even get around to submitting their gift(s),
and they never promote.

This new model takes care of both problems.

Here’s my secret…

1) I’ve already set up 5 or 6 products that I offer in these
giveaway… each complete with squeeze page, and an autoresponder
with 5 – 10 messages.

So, when I enter one of these free giveaways, it’s largely
automated, and a matter of deciding which gift to offer!

Yes, I still need to drive traffic, but that’s very easy for me.

2) I realize that most people who download your freebie AREN’T
going to buy anything from you right away… hence my
autoresponder sequence which warms them up to me, gives them
additional free gifts, teaches them things, and also makes them
aware of products and services that I offer.

3) I promote the free giveaways primarily via social media, where
I’m just telling people about things that they can pick up for
free. Who doesn’t like free, USEFUL things?

I do also let my list-members know about my free gifts, but I
don’t “HAMMER” them with emails about it. I feel that it’s only
fair that I let existing subscribers and followers know about
some nice gifts, but I don’t annoy them at the same time.

This methodology is working very well for me.

If you want to know about free list-building giveaways that I’m
taking part in, or recommend that you join, just check out my
blog. I post the details of new ones here:

Also, subscribe to my newsletter. You can do that on the blog, or
at: http://WillieCrawford.com/

7 Ways You’re Probably Losing Affiliate Commissions And How To Fix Them All With ONE WordPress Plug-in

August 22nd, 2015


Most affiliates are oblivious to the fact that they are losing as
much as 30% of their AFFILIATE INCOME
by using the WRONG
affiliate cloaking tools.

My friend Chris Hitman and his team discovered that many
affiliates were NOT getting paid commissions. In fact affiliates
lose an average 10.7% sales commissions throughout the year just
bad cloaking & up to 30% of affiliate income was lost through BAD
LINK management.

Here’s how (watch the video here) …


Chris dug into the issue & found 7 HUGE COMMISSION LEAKS that are
costing affiliates $thousands:

1. Link Leaks
This is where users click on an affiliate link then
switch browsers to register as an affiliate to give themselves an
“instant discount.”

2. Referral Leaks
This is where visitors share the RAW visible link rather than
your affiliate link.

3. Link Decay
This is where affiliate offers are removed, sites or pages
expire… and your visits only see an error message rather than
being redircted somewhere else.

4. Social Blocking
This is where social sites block a marketplace, often because of
complaints cause by over-zealous affiliates. You can cloak your
links in a way where social sites CAN’T even parse a link and
trace it back to those marketplaces!

5. Link Trust
This is where the aff link looks random & ugly … this
increases visitor distrust. You CAN keep you trusted like
displayed in your visitor’s browser bar throughout the entire

6. Blank Social Metas
Where there’s no Meta image or description for your page –
reduces click rates & commissions.

7. Bad Link Management
Often there’s no way to edit your affiliate links at a future
time so you can reroute that traffic to better, newer offers.

Chris says that If you are using any link cloaking services right
now paid or otherwise – you are LOSING $1000’s per year.

WP Link Shield was created to protect your affiliate links, make
links look natural, make them social friendly, auto manage broken
links & maximize your affiliate income.


A no brainer for ALL affiliate marketers :-)

This is something I’ve been using for several WEEKS, and the
results have totally blown me away!



BONUS: I’ve also added 18 Bonuses (YES EIGHTEEN)… WordPress
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Watch the video on that page to see how it works, and to read
about my bonuses… EVERYTHING is on that page.

Here’s The Webinar Recording On Making Breakthroughs In Your Business And Personal Life

August 21st, 2015

If you missed yesterday’s webinar on making breakthroughs
in your business and personal life, so that you can truly
live the life of your dreams, you can watch the replay

On the webinar, we examined:

– How to KNOW that you are doing what you were meant to do

– How to look forward to each day’s work… because when
you are living with purpose and passion, it doesn’t feel
like work!

– How to overcome self-limiting beliefs

– How to handle negative people in your life… including
close relatives

– How to recharge, rejuvenate, and avoid burnout

– How to give yourself permission to go for, and know that
you can have, and deserve, anything that you want

… so much more.

We also discussed a retreat that my two special guests and
I will be at in October, in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Go ahead and watch the webinar recording now because there
is an early-bird special on the retreat that ends in a few
days… and I don’t want you to miss out.

The URL to check out the retreat is:


Let me know if you have ANY questions. I’m actually here
to serve you, and AM very accessible. Reaching me is
usually as simple as hitting the reply key and sending
me an email, or visiting my help desk at:

You can also private message me at Facebook.

Thanks for listening… and make sure that you watch that
recording. Now’s the perfect time to do that… before you
get “busy” or distracted by something else :-)


Free Webinar Helps You To Know That You’re Living Your Life’s Purpose And Be Extremely Successful

August 19th, 2015

This Thursday, August 20th, at 8pm EDT, I’m hosting a very
special free webinar. The topic will focus on achieving
more… how to finally break free of whatever it is that
is holding your back, and FINALLY build the life of your

The webinar is for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants…
really anyone who for whatever reason finds themselves
achieving less than they know they can.

We’ll look at limiting beliefs and behaviors that some of
us have that are holding us back.

We’ll look at limiting beliefs and behaviors those around
us have that might be holding us back.

We’ll look at defining what YOU really want out of life…
all aspects, business and personal, and why you are probably
not achieving that, and how to FIX that problem.

We’ll look at how to define what YOU really want out of
life, and how to finally set out full-speed-ahead towards
achieving that.

You deserve to be happy, healthy, successful, and feeling
like you are doing what you were meant to do. If that is
not where you’re at then you need to be on this free


I’ll host the webinar, and have two very special
co-presenters, whom I’m sure you’ll connect with. They
are Catherine Storing and Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson.

Chances are, that you don’t personally know them so
allow me to introduce them…

Catherine was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, land of
beautiful beaches, friendly people and gorgeous women with
dangerous curves. However, she did not fit in, her hair was too
curly, her legs too lanky and her mouth too big and opinionated.
Every day she wished to be accepted as she was despite of not
looking like a typical Dominican woman. Catherine’s journey of
self-discovery not only gave her the ability to see beauty in
others but to also to guide others through the process of finding
their own beauty and strength.

What differentiates Catherine from other stylists is her ability
to see women’s inner beauty (EVERY WOMAN is beautiful, they just
need the gentle and loving guidance of The confidence Building
Coach), and effortless capacity to teach them how to dress in
ways that highlight their true essence.

Catherine is very passionate about strengthening, heightening
and amplifying women’s confidence, because she knows firsthand
that confidence is a game changer; the driving force of every
driven and successful woman.

And Dr. Daphne… hold onto your hats: Dr. Daphne’s presence goes
way beyond a nationally-recognized empowerment specialist and
professional keynote presenter. Sure, she’s also an insightful
author with multiple accredited works, an award-winning – and
vibrant – TV and radio personality and a certified
transformational coach (with over 20 years’ experience helping
others create the lives they envision). Yes, she brings a whole
world of insight to any table. But more importantly, Dr. Daphne
is a warm, bright inspiration: a powerful visionary who guides
today’s leaders true and empowers tomorrow’s to fulfill their
life purpose with hope, enthusiasm and resilience.

Today, Dr. Daphne is a true force to behold – an engaging mentor
and role model who helps people unlock their full potential and
triumph over adversity. To live life empowered and never look

Please go ahead and register for this webinar now since I
do expect quite a crowd:


This IS an issue that many of us struggle with. We know
that we can do better, yet haven’t quite broken though.

Join us, and let’s start building the life of our
dreams… “playing full-out!”

I’ll see you there.


Don’t waste $97 on this – You have wasted enough money already!

August 19th, 2015

I am going to keep this email really short today.

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I am talking about how Facebook is now trying to dominate the
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That includes enabling you to post 30 second ads on videos for
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Now you may say I just bought a YouTube course and in my last
email I explained how YouTube is a great place for traffic, but
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It is saturated. Since this is new with Facebook it hasn’t
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Plus, the formula is so easy to use that you will NEVER have to
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Can’t Fail Fill In The Blank 6 Figure Formula

August 19th, 2015

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