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October 11th, 2014

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A Well Known, Yet Underestimated SEO Trick For 2014… and 2015!

October 10th, 2014

The easiest way to rank your website on the first page of Google?

Definitely contextual backlinks. Because they are surrounded with
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3 Roads To Success

There are 3 easy ways to build contextual backlinks. You can:

* Create a ton of Web 2.0 sites and publish your articles with
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* Guest post on other people’s blogs.

* Publish articles in article directories.

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You’ve probably already heard that. But, that’s not all. You
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You shouldn’t just link to your “money site”… You need to build
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You may argue with me that this requires TONS of content. It’s
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How to build “second tier” links? Simply, create Web 2.0 sites,
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October 10th, 2014

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October 9th, 2014

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October 8th, 2014

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Southern Cooking Brings Soul to Food – And Is The Topic Of The First Book I Wrote

October 6th, 2014

Southern Cooking Brings Soul to Food

I was born and raised in the heart of the Deep South. From as far
back as I can remember, I remember long summer afternoons spent
drinking sweetened iced tea, and shelling peas and butter beans on
my grandmother’s porch.

I have moved on from my roots, and have made my way into other ,
regions of the world. In fact, I’ve now visited 48 different
countries… most of them while serving in the U.S. Air Force.

One thing, however, that has remained constant in my life is my
deep and abiding love for southern cooking and cuisine. In fact,
I noticed that was true of a lot of others who had moved away
from the south, and that later inspired me to write a very
successful cookbook.

I was probably well into my teen years before I realized that tea
could be served any other way than loaded with sugar, and over
ice. It was about that same time that I realized some folks would
eat vegetables that hadn’t been soaked in batter, dredged in
cornmeal, and deep fat fried.

Southern cooking is not for the faint of heart though it can cause
many hearts to grow faint. One thing that can be said is that you’ll
never find anything else like it on earth.

People in the south learned to make do with little in many
instances. Some of the poorest people in America live in the
southern part of the country.

Of course, you will find that many of these people, despite their
poverty, are also among the most generous and loving people that
you’ll ever meet.

The same can be said of food. It’s the one thing that seems to be
in ample supply in most southern homes and very few people will
turn you away with an empty stomach. We grew a large garden, and
always had plenty of vegetables anyway. We also hunted and
fished, so had plenty of fresh-caught fish and wild game.

Perhaps it’s the seasonings that are often used when cooking
southern food that makes it so good. From the crab boil and gumbo
file of Cajun Cuisine, to the secret ingredient that almost every
southern kitchen contains for their fried chicken recipes (and no
one on earth can fry chicken like a born and bred southern grandma).

Perhaps it’s the Sunday church dinners where everyone shares a
little of what they ha with others, or the love that goes into
preparing those meals that are shared with friends and family.

Whatever the case may be, if you ever have the occasion to
experience real southern cooking, do not pass it up. You might
shave a day off your life, but a good southern fried chicken leg
is really living and well worth the sacrifice if you ask me.

Of course it would be remiss to mention southern cooking without
bringing up some of the more delicious desserts that seem to be
perfection for the south. I mentioned banana pudding above, but
there are so many more.

Pralines are a perfect for those living down around New Orleans
as is bread pudding. A little to the east there are grandma’s who
have taken their lemon icebox pie recipes to the grave with them
because these delicious deserts we so coveted.

Yes, the same holds true for pecan pies as well. We should never
forget the flavorful Mississippi Mud cake though, and so many
other wonderfully delicious treats that southern cooking has
introduced to the world at large.

Favorite vegetables in the heart of the south as I mentioned
above included peas and butter beans, snap beans, corn, summer
squash (after all, it’s summer all year in the south), and okra
(fried or boiled in many southern kitchens).

Not all vegetables were deep fried though few were off limits. I
remember eating my share of fried okra, fried squash, and yes,
fried green tomatoes.

Life was good back when calories weren’t counted and no one
really worried about clogging arteries. While I wouldn’t make
these a daily dish in any household, I certainly would recommend
trying them out if you ever find the opportunity.

Another great thing about southern cooking is the wonderful fried
seafood that seems to abound. From fried fish (almost any variety
works well when it’s southern fried) to fried oysters, seafood
just seems to taste so much better in the south.

If you are hoping to learn some of the southern cooking and
cuisine you will, and you don’t live in the south, you most
likely need to order your spices, and have them shipped…
unless your grocery store has a rather extensive ‘exotic’ foods

You can sometimes find great southern seasonings on the
International food aisles in grocery stores as well. If you
want to really treat your family to an outstanding meal, you
should really try southern cooking.


Willie Crawford started learning southern cooking when he
was about 7 years old, and often followed his grandmother
around the kitchen. By time he was 9, he could bake a buttery
southern pound cake from scratch. Willie later wrote the
critically acclaimed cookbook, “Soul Food Recipes Learned On A
North Carolina Tobacco Farm.” You can get a copy of that
cookbook today by visiting Willie’s website,named after
another southern delicacy,