Are You Being Totally Serious And Honest With Yourself?

November 16th, 2015

We are so close to 2015 being OVER that you can taste it.

2016 is just around the corner, and I don’t want to let you
end 2015 without having starting doing the most important
thing that every online marketer MUST do in order to be

That one thing is BUILD A LIST.

An opt-in email list is THE most valuable asset in my business,
and I’m 100% certain that it’s the most valuable asset in the
businesses of EVERY successful marketer that I know.

We’re headed into the holiday season, and before you know it,
it will be 2016. Will you wake up on January 1st, 2016,
take a mental assessment of where you honestly are in your
business… and realize that you’re no better off than you
were on January 1st 2015… or January 1st 2014.

If you do, and you’re honest with yourself, you’ll have to
acknowledge that it’s a choice that you made.

You know what you need to do… you need to build a list,
and you need to start now.

Here’s the easy and inexpensive way to do that:

However, this is going away in LESS than 48 hours.

We’re going to slam the door shut so that we can focus on
those who are ready to make a change in their lives.

Please take a minute, and DECIDE that 2016 is going to be
different for you … it really is your decision.

I made the decision back in 1996 (nearly 20 years ago)
to start building a list. That one decision has made all
the difference. That one decision has me discussing
RETIRING, out on Facebook, because I honestly don’t need to
work any more… and at 57 years of age, I want to just
do a lot more FUN things.

In your heart of hearts, you know what you need to do.

Do it!



P.S. I’ve personally been building lists since 1996, I’ve
gone through Jimmy’s course, and I learned NUMEROUS new
things that I WILL be implementin to make my retirement
even smoother sailing.

You owe it to yourself to learn how to get this critical
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If you grab Jimmy’s very inexpensive training today,
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You see, during the 19+ years that I’ve been list-building,
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No, they are not all in one niche. They are in
numerous niches.

I did an interview revealing exactly how I managed to
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How To Never Have A Problem Recruiting Affiliates Ever Again…

November 16th, 2015

As a joint venture broker, I have a LOT of people who are in the
middle of product launches, approach me asking for my help in
recruiting affiliates.

Basically, their launches are fizzling (failing to gain any
momentum) and they think that I can somehow rescue them.

Sometimes I can, often I can’t… these things often require a
lot of lead times. The potential JV partners that they hope will
come on-board have already made other commitments.

Back in 2006, I conducted and recorded interviews with 40 or so
super affiliates. One of the questions that I asked each of them
was, “What is the secret to getting you to promote a product if
I’m a beginner.”

Actually, I paraphrased that question, but you get the gist of

MOST of these super affiliates said, “Be my friend!” They said,
“Don’t wait until you need something from me to reach out and say

That makes perfect sense!

Most of us LIKE helping our friends.

Most of us LIKE being appreciated.

Most of us DON’T like feeling used!

So the real secret to never having a problem recruiting
affiliates is to reach out and actually get to know lots of super
affiliates long before you are doing a product launch.

The expression I had drilled into me, at least 15 years ago, was
“Dig your well BEFORE you’re thirsty.”

That’s why I’ve attended over 100 live events over the years, and
have probably spoken at 40 live events in the U.S., the U.K.,
Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria, and probably a few places that I
don’t even remember :-)

That’s why I’ve been on 10 or so cruises, sponsored by several
different groups, over the years. The cruises were a lot of fun,
but my primary reason for being on them was to network, and
actually get to know people…in a non-threatening environment.

On these cruises, we did share tips, insider information, and we
got a feel for who we could trust. We also often tentatively
agreed to promote each others upcoming launches… while sitting
around “chewing the fat” on the deck of the ship, or on some
tropical island!

It’s all about networking, getting to know the other person, and
letting the other person get to know you.

One of the things that I like to do when at live events, or on
cruises is take a TON of pictures. You can see some of the ones
I’ve taken over the years in albums on my Facebook profile.

I don’t just take pictures though. I USE the pictures in greeting
cards that I use to follow up with people. I don’t assume that
all of them will remember me. So I compose a greeting card
shortly after meeting someone new, and inside and/or on the
outside of the card I include a photo of me and the card

I reason for the pictures is that IF the person didn’t remember
me, the picture would serve as a memory jogger.

I also reason that while people tend to stick business cards in a
box or desk drawer, and they tend to throw away cards and
letters, they DON’T generally throw away card that have their
photos on them.

INSTEAD they stick these cards on a bookshelf, mantle, or pin
them on a bulletin board. That means that these cards with a
picture of you and them help YOU to maintain top of mind

Assuming that meeting you was an enjoyable, or beneficial
experience, seeing the card is likely to bring back pleasant
memories, and also to make them more likely to say YES when you
ask them to help with a product launch, or affiliate promotion.

Since I told you how I use greeting cards, let me show you the
site that I use. It’s at

FULL DISCLOSURE: If you visit the URL above and you use the site
to send greeting cards or gifts, I WILL earn a commission off of
every card and gift that you send.

This is a business that I’ve been in since 2004. I use the card
just as described, but I also sell the cards and earn a residual
income off my customers’ purchases.

I also recruit others to spread the word about the cards and
gifts at the URL above, and I get paid when someone joins my team
and helps spread the word (based upon their purchases and their
customers’ purchases).

There is an explanation of all that right on the site… I’m not
hiding anything. I earn a living over the internet in several
different way, to include helping orchestrate people’s product
launches, and selling cards and gifts, and building a team of
others who earn a living selling cards and gifts.

Speaking of gifts, some of the product owners that made the
greatest impression on me, sent me holiday gifts… accompanied
by a note that said, “I appreciate you being one of my best

You can bet that when they did their next product launch, I was
on-board before they even finished asking me. Of course they had
top quality products… they understood that that was an absolute

One product owner whom I’d helped with a very successful product
launch sent me a bottle of very fancy wine.

Another sent me a large gift basket filled with all kind of

Another sent me a large tin of gourmet popcorn.

Another send me some fancy lobster tails, shipped in a nice
cooler, packed on dry ice, etc.

The lobster tails were both REALLY appreciated, and a DISASTER at
the same time.

You see, I was out of town when the package arrived, and so the
delivery service left the package in front of my door. When I
returned home… maybe 10 days later, the lobster tails were NOT
in prime condition!

I imagine they would have made good fish bait, but I opt-ed to
toss them in a nearby dumpster, rather than smelling up my house.

However, that was probably 7 or 8 years ago, and the person who
sent me those lobster tail just finished a product launch, and I,
as well as hundreds of loyal super affiliates, cheerfully
promoted this guy’s top quality product.

I AM suggesting that as we roll into this holiday season, you DO
send a card and perhaps a gift to some (or all) of your
affiliates who promoted you this past year AND to super
affiliates that you hope will promote you in the coming year.

You don’t need to get crazy and spend a fortune on gifts. I
personally often send out cards accompanied by a small box of
gourmet brownies or a book. I use the site that I showed you
earlier to do this:

The process is simple, and fairly inexpensive. Let me know if
you’d like to see a demo/walk-though.

Send these cards and gifrs is a way to build fierce loyalty among
your affiliates and joint venture partners, and potential joint
venture partners.

When you’ve cultivated this type of loyalty, and 5 or 6 people
approach them about promoting a product during the same
time-frame as your launch, who do you think they will choose to
promote…. all things being equal?

The things is all things will NOT be equal. You will be the one
who took the time to actually cultivate a real relationship with
them, rather than only communicating with them when you NEEDED
something FROM them.

I’ve been in business online for almost 20 years now. During
that time, I’ve interacted with a lot of people and watch
literally hundreds of product launches.

Some were massive successes, and others were epic, DISMAL

That makes me a good person to know, network with, and send a box
of gourmet brownies from time to time :-)

I do charge a fee for consulting, and brokering product launches,
but I’m also easy to talk to, and ask questions from time to

My mentors did teach me to set boundaries though. They would
allow you to ask a few questions, but if you started asking a LOT
of questions, they would point out that you needed to pay for a
consultation :-)

I do share a lot here on Facebook and in my free ezine. IF you
are not a subscriber, you’d be wise to subscribe now. You can do
that by just filling in the form at:


I’ll teach you about things that I’ve learned. I’ll send you
promotions from time to time because I AM both an affiliate
marketer, and a product owner.

I will strive for a balance, and strive to teach you useful
things MORE than I push products. I’m not always perfect at
doing that, but you can unsubscribe at any time. EVERY issue of
my ezine has a link across the bottom that you just click to

I HAVE rambled long enough. You need to go do some of the
things that I encouraged you to do.

They WORK!


Commission Gorilla – Your Key To Selling More Products Than Ever – Launch Special Ends In 40 Minutes!

November 16th, 2015

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But there are a few problems with this strategy…

It takes too long. There’s too much coding required to build
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It’s no wonder most affiliates don’t bother.

But get this…

Offering a bonus can put five times more money in your pocket
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You don’t even need a website.

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And if you choose the pro option, you’ll even get countdown
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In case you’re wondering how much my bonus is “worth”… it depends
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Affiliate Marketers – You Can’t Change Human Nature!

November 15th, 2015

For the longest time, I made a HUGE mistake as an affiliate

I refused to acknowledge that human nature has essentially been
the same for thousands of years, and I’m not going to change it
any time soon, so I may as well learn to leverage it!

A perfect example is that, all things being equal, if two
affiliates are selling the same product at the same price (which
is generally required by affiliate program TOS), and one
affiliate is offering a bonus, and the other one is not, the
customer will buy from the one offering the bonus.

There are of course exceptions to that rule. A customer may buy
from the one NOT offering the bonus because he likes the person
who is not offering the bonus, and doesn’t feel close to the
person offering the bonus.

The thing is, I would often witness people putting together
elaborate bonus prizes for products selling for as little as $7.

To me THAT was crazy, however in hindsight, the person who
offered the bonus did it to win an affiliate sales contest
(bragging rights, cash prizes, etc.), or because that was the
only way they felt that they could make desperately needed sales.

I refused to get that CRAZY until recently, and so I won fewer
sales contests than the affiliates offering the elaborate

I consoled myself by telling myself that I didn’t care about
silly contests, and I generally don’t.

However, lately, I have started offering bonuses with practically
every affiliate product that I promote.

So, what changed?

I discovered a site that is loaded to the gill with resale rights
products and private label rights products that I can quickly use
to assemble a bonus package.

I still prefer creating my own unique, high-value bonuses for
many promotions, but if I need to put together a package for a
lower-priced product, I can generally find something suitable at
this site:


The site has over 7000 products (in numerous niches), many with
private label rights, or licenses that give me permission to
offer the product as a bonus.

So now, in mere minutes, I can come up with a nice bonus, or
several nice bonuses… and YES… my sales/conversions have
increased since I started doing this.

I’ve learned my lesson, and no longer butt heads with human
nature. You shouldn’t either.

Check out the site now:

Free 7-Figure Membership Site Blueprint Webinar And More!

November 15th, 2015

I’d like for you to take a look at a WSO where my good friend Sean
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Sean Mize

Sean Mize

The package itself is an no-brainer bargain. It’s not free, but it’s
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On the webinar, I’ll hold NOTHING back, giving you my blueprint that
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This webinar will NOT be set up to pre-sell a package on how to set
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when it targets the right market. I go after VERY lucrative niche
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Anyway, if you’d like to take a quick look at Sean’s insane deal
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Sean’s WSO includes Over 1000 Hours of recorded training that you can
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Willie Crawford

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WHY Don’t You Have An Email List? You Know That You Need One!

November 15th, 2015

About THIS

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Listen, Build my LIST is something you MUST HAVE in
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** Extraordinary ** An Email List Of Over 1 Million…

November 14th, 2015

I have a question for you.. a very serious question.

Do you see how I sent you this email.. you’re on one of my
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So question of the day is – Why don’t you have an email

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Well… not any more!


My friend Jimmy Kim just released his brand new 5 step
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P.S. I’ve personally been building lists since 1996, I’ve
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You see, during the 19+ years that I’ve been list-building,
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I did an interview revealing exactly how I managed to
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Only 1 Hour Per Day For $11k Per Month???

November 13th, 2015

It’s funny how much of a lazy deadbeat this guy


… but what you wouldn’t expect is that he makes
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He literally sleeps all day and parties all
night, yet each day comes home to affiliate
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Imagine what you could do if you were just
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Talk soon,

P.S. Yes, this lazy youngster taught a crusty
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WAY to hard.


P.P.S. You want a bonus too?

Ok, grab Brock’s system through this link:
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I’ll be in there practically every day, although
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In the group, fellow deadbeats will share with you
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I personally have been an affiliate marketer since
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with you in this group… are based upon a LOT of
experience about what works, and how to combine that
with not working too hard. I’m sure you’ll agree
that that’s a winning combination.

Send that receipt to 😉

Would You Do Me A Favor Please? It Will Help You :-)

November 12th, 2015

I’m coming to you this morning asking a big favor of you, but I’m
doing this because it has the potential to benefit you a LOT too.


Perhaps the single biggest challenge that we as online business
owners face is often referred to as “the battle for attention.”

You see, your prospects, subscribers, clients, potential JV
partners, family, and friends, have so many things vying for their
attention that sometimes it’s just plain HARD to get someone to
actually listen long enough to evaluate what we have to say.

We live in a VERY noisy world, and are constantly bombarded with
messages, many of them promotional.

We have to block out most of this noise, or it would drive us
crazy! The problem is that we often block out messages that
once we finally hear them, we discover are the ones that offer
the solutions we were seeking.

How many times have you noticed a product or service mentioned
over and over again, and you tuned it out? Then, one day you
took a look, and were floored by it.

That’s what I don’t want to happen to you with this product that
I’m asking you to take a quick look at, as a favor for me.
Please take a look at it now, before you get side-tracked, and
miss out, or at least not have it brought to your attention
again for another six months to a year.

What is it?

It’s a website that allows you to send greeting cards and gifts
right over the internet, for LESS than you’d pay for comparable
items in your local stores.

Why do you want to take a look at it?

Well, I use the product in both my personal life, and in
growing my business. That is, I use the cards and gifts to
build or maintain relationships with clients, joint venture
partners, business partners, and prospects.

I also use it to stay in touch with family and friends. My wife
and daughters use the system for the same purposes. It’s
really convenient, and relatively inexpensive.

Please take a look at: That’s actually
my referral url :-)

Once you land on the page, you can scroll down and read more.

If you are in a hurry, just hit the button that says, “Join Now.”
That green button is located several places on the page.

After you click the button, you’ll notice that you have two

On one side it will say “Distributor.” This explains how you can
earn a living from spreading the word about the product and
getting new customers, and getting new distributors. This was the
choice that I made back in 2004. Yes, I’ve been with the
company, and earning a decent income for 15 years. When I find
something that works, and that I really love, I stick with it :-)

Distributors earn commissions on all of the cards and gift that
they sell, as well as on all of the cards and gifts of sold by
distributors that they recruit. They also earn commissions for
recruiting new distributors.

On the other side, you’ll see that the button says “Customer.”
This is the choice that you will make if you aren’t looking to
supplement your income (or grow a full-time income), but do see
that this is a really terrific product.

If you think that you want to be a customer, I recommend that
you sign up for a subscription. The subscriptions are month to
month, and so you can cancel at any time. You can by cards
one at a time, as you need them but they are much less when
you have a subscription (as I and most customers do).

Everything is explained fairly well on the site, and so I don’t
want to take up much more of your time. I really DO appreciate
you taking the time to allow me to share this product with you.

If you would like to see what it looks and feels like using
the system to send a card, please watch this YouTube video:

I do encourage you to sign up now. I know that you’ll be
glad that you did.

If you have any questions or concerns what-so-ever, feel free
to email me at

You may also call or text me at: 850-621-2116

That is my personal cell phone number. If I don’t answer right
away, it probably means that I’m in a meeting, so please leave
a message, and I’ll return your call ASAP.

Thank again for your time :-)

I look forward to working with you.

Willie Crawford

My Secret For Easily Earning MORE Money, Generating A Lot More Smiles, And Building Relationships

November 11th, 2015

Let me share with you a short story… if you would indulge an
old man :-)

Back in 2004, a guy named Jack Bastide, whom I knew… but not
that well, sent me a greeting card. I looked at it, smiled and
put it aside.

A short while later… I’m not really sure how many days later…
he sent me another one. Then he reached out to me and asked what
I thought of the cards.

I replied that “It looked nice.”

He explained that he had sent that card right from his computer
and that it costed him less than $1 (if memory serves me correctly).

He asked if I had a minute for him to show me how he did it. I
though to myself that I’d humor “him”… and said, “Sure.”

He asked if I was near my computer. I said “yes.”

He asked me to log into a url that he gave me, and this video is
basically what he talked me through doing:

He asked me to send a card to someone in my household, so I
addressed it to my wife.

A few days later, she received an unexpected card, and since she
was smiling from ear to ear, I could tell that it made her day.

Jack had basically showed me the power of sending greeting cards
to people, especially if they were unexpected. He also shared
that he sent a card, randomly, to someone every day… because
he enjoyed spreading happiness!

He said that each day, he’d send a card to whoever popped
into his mind. He explained that I could do the same, and that
it would be fun. It could be a childhood friend, a relative,
a former college or military buddy, a co-worker… anyone

That sounded a little hoaky, but at the same time, I felt that
the world could use a few more people spreading happiness.

To make a long story short, Jack turned me into “a sender of
cards” that day. However, he also showed me a way to earn some
extra income if that interested me.

Jack explained that he was building a team of people who wanted
to earn a nice part-time or full-time income. He said that we
did this by showing people the greeting cards, much as he had
done with me. When one of those people decide to become a
sender of cards, using our very intuitive web-based
platform, we earned a commission off of all of the cards and
gifts that they sent.

Jack also explained that a percentage of the people that we
showed the cards to would be interested in the income side of
things. They would want to know how THEY could earn money showing
others our system. He said that I could build a team, much as
he was doing, and that when I did, I would earn commissions for
recruiting team members.

He also said that I would earn a commission off all of the
cards and gifts that were sent by my customers, by team
members that I recruited, and by all of the customer and
team-members recruited by the team members that I recruited.

He sent me to a site that was identical to the site that I now
invite you to check out at:

That site explains both the customer side of things and the
income opportuity. Simply click on the “Join” button.

On the next page you will see two options labeled
“Distributor” and “Customer.” Explore either of them, or
better yet, both of them.

Then get back to me if you’d like more information. You can
do that by simply clicking the “Contact Me” button in the
upper left-hand corner of the webpage. Or you can email me

As I mentioned, I started doing this back in 2004. At first
I did it mainly for fun, but I also almost effortlessly
grew a team and a customer-base. Today, that equates to
a “decent” income.

I won’t say how much because how much you earn will depend upon
many things including your desire to build a better life, and
you willingness to just follow a very simple system.

Do take a look at: and get back in
touch with me.