Are You Using THE EASIST Affiliate Marketing Model That There Is?

February 22nd, 2015

Over the years, I’ve talked to literally hundreds of affiliate
marketers who complained of making very few sales.

Some even told me that it had been weeks… even months since
they had made a single sale!

When I hear statements like that, my first thought is that they
are trying to sell something that the market simply doesn’t want!

So, I always start troubleshooting there… Are they offering
something that people actually want, are willing to pay for AND
are they offering it to the right people.

Sometimes parents are the correct market for products intended
for teenagers who DO have money.

Sometimes the spouse is the correct person to target in selling
something intended for the other spouse.

Sometimes the government is the correct entity to offer something
which will improve the lives of a LOT of citizen… not the
individual citizens who would benefit.

IF they are offering a product that’s wanted, to people who want
and are willing to pay for it, and prospects are STILL not
buying, then I look at HOW the product is offered.

That brings us to my very favorite model when offering affiliate
product (and even some of my own products), and that methods is

Certain products are sold best via webinars because the prospects
need to know a lot about the product AND the product

Some products are sold best via webinar because the prospects
need to see a real-time demonstration of the product in action.

Some products are best sold via webinar because prospects have
lots of questions that they want to get PERSONALLY answered
before they will make the decision to buy.

Some products are best sold via webinar because PEOPLE BUY FROM
OTHER PEOPLE. They don’t really buy from companies… although
they may develop brand loyalties.

People buy from people that they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. Few
mediums, other than a face-to-face gatherings, offer a better
opportunity for you to build that KLT factor than webinars.

For the reasons listed above, and dozens more, I prefer marketing
good, services, causes,etc., via webinars.

HOWEVER, not all webinars are created equally.

Some are destined to flop because the host and/or presenter(s)
have NO CLUE what they are doing!

Many webinars perform poorly BECAUSE the webinar presenter is
simply too LAZY to actually dry run the webinar beforehand… so
they really don’t even know their materials… and it SHOWS!

Many lazy webinar hosts and presenters don’t even know how to
operate the platform that they are presenting the webinar on.
That’s plain STUPID.

In my role as a joint venture broker, I help my clients to roll
out products, and where appropriate, I highly encourage them to
do webinars.

I also want to see the complete webinar DRY RUN before I approach
any potential joint venture partner. I analyze the webinar
looking at what the presenter did right… and what they did

You should analyze every webinar that you do, shortly afterward,
ideally with others involved in putting on the webinar, and
identify what was done right and what was done wrong!

I often invite other experts onto my clients’ practice webinars.
I want their expert opinions and also their gut feelings.

I also want whoever is operating the controls to know the webinar
platform inside out… and to feel VERY comfortable with the

It’s only when my client and I have a finely oiled machine that I
dare use that webinar as a marketing tool.. and at that point, it
really is the easiest, most-effective affiliate marketing tool
that I’m aware of.

Now, if you are an affiliate marketer, you know how to leverage
a very powerful tool that simply WORKS.

Your only question now should be, “Willie can you point me to a
webinar that you personally helped to fine-tune, and that
converts like CRAZY?”

My answer would be, “Of course, just drop me a private message,
and we’ll make you some money!”


Radio Interview Where I Shared Some Of My Thoughts On Building, Nurturing And Managing An Email List… I have over 1 million subscribers in my database :-)

February 21st, 2015

I was recently a guest on Bert Martinez’s Money For Lunch”
radio show.

I was the second of three guest that day, and my topic was
list-building a topic that I’m passionate about. I’ve been
building my database since 1996 (Over 18 years) and consider
my database my single most valuable business asset.

You can listen to the recording of that show here:

Check Out Business Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with MoneyForLunch on BlogTalkRadio


How To Salvage A Launch Which Is Stalling Largely Due To A Lack Of Social Proof In The Copy…

February 20th, 2015

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ALL Of The Really Savvy Marketers Have One Of These…

February 20th, 2015

Did you know that a whopping 93% of TOP marketers have used a
membership site to sell online courses and digital content?

Why am I telling you this?

Because I want you to follow in the footsteps of greatness and
you need to be aware that membership sites are still one of the
most profitable ways to make money online… PERIOD!

Every TOP marketer has sold an online course, an online training
program, or sold their “expertise” for money. Internet moguls
like Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime,
and yours truly (Willie Crawford) are using membership sites
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And that’s where Value Addon comes in. Value Addon make’s it
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Now even the “little guy” to the most advanced marketer can build
a membership site and sell online content within minutes without
the need for a full team and weeks or months of work.

No more confusing wordpress scripts to fuss with. No more messing
with login pages, registration pages, and building thank you
pages. No more integrating clunky payment buttons, signing up for
video hosting and so on… Value Addon takes care of ALL this and

That’s why I have FOUR membership sites on Value Addon

With Value Addon, it takes 3 simple steps to have a website ready
to take orders for your content.

Step 1: Upload your content.

Step 2: Set your prices

Step 3: Publish your built-in sales page.

That’s it. Joshua, the founder of Value Addon; even shows off how
he’s used Value Addon to build a fully working membership website
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We can do the consultation by phone, Skype, face-to-face (if you
are traveling to any city that I’m also in), via GoToMeeting or
a similar platform (if you want to share your screen with me),
etc. I’m very flexible because I want you to get the most out
of the consultation.

YES, you may even record the consultation and turn it into a for
sale product.

So, go ahead and get Value AddOn now, and “let’s get this show
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Radio Show Recording – Leveraging Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon Program – Plus – How To Get Free Press And Publicity In Major Media

February 20th, 2015

Here is access to the recording of the radio show that I did earlier today.

Check Out Business Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Willie Crawford on BlogTalkRadio

Feel free to share it with your friends, and please Follow the show.

You can also grab some embed code from the site and then embed the
show right into your website or blog… giving you a great source of
frequently updates, high quality content :-)


Taking Massive Action With No Real Risk And Making Massive Headway!

February 19th, 2015

I’ve often preached/taught my students that you can’t get a yes
unless you ASK, and that they should not be afraid to do so.

At the same time, I’ve probably been more reserved in my asking,
and taking minor risks of getting told no, than I need to be. A
part of that was because I was fairly comfortable.

My new co-host on my radio show, who is a media expert, had the
immediate impact of impressing upon me the importance of simply
taking the initiative to reach out and seek media exposure and

The immediate result was several yeses. In fact, I haven’t gotten
any no’s yet. If have gotten silence, but Haddy has taught me
how to deal with that too.

If you missed the webinar that I did with her on how to get free
MAJOR media attention and publicity you can still access that

She gives you a step-by-step process right on the webinar, but
also points out a course that she has created which I DO own, and
highly recommend.

She basically reinforced something that I have been taught since
early childhood, when my grandmother use to quote the Bible Verse
from Matthew 7:7-8.

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock,
and it shall be opened unto you”

You are very unlikely to get to that yes unless you do get into
action, step through any fear (of rejection) that you may have
and learn the proper way to ASK…and then start doing it!


Top Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Online Courses

February 18th, 2015

Wow, I still can’t believe how EASY Value Addon makes it
to sell online courses and digital content online.

I remember when selling courses online and building
membership sites was a pain in the ***. However, with Value
Addon, literally anyone can do it.

“Back in the day” (I’ve been in business online for 18+
years) there was a TON of steps that were required before
you could sell anything online. Heck, your could only
process payments online with pages that merchant account
provides coded and hosted on THEIR sites… it was painful!

Those steps included things like:

– Buying domains, get hosting, and install wordpress.

– Configuring wordpress and installing more plugins… that
needed more configuration.. Yuck!

– Uploading my content to sites like YouTube so I could embed
it back into my site.

– Creating login pages, registration pages, and thank you
pages by hand….

– Signing up for a merchant account, waiting to get approved,
configuring my own shopping cart, then integrating my payment
links into my wordpress site. Yuck again!

– And if I even got that far, I would still need to hire a
graphic designer, build a sales page, hire a copywriter, then
pay my programmer to make sure everything worked.

And this LITERALLYtook weeks if not months….

But EVERYTHING has changed since Value Addon came out.

With Value Addon, ALL those things are handled for you. All
you need to complete is 3 SIMPLE steps.

1)Upload your content

2)Set your prices

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Take my word and don’t waste your time with outdated tools and
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Download This Free Book – The Circle of Profit – Only Free Until Feb 20th!

February 18th, 2015

I recently come across a brilliant book!

You need to read it right now! (it’s available free)

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This is seriously one of my favorite books… I’m glad that I
made time to read it.

As my friend Rhea Perry often says, “so many books, so little
time.” I have a stack of books on my desk right now… and I
have to be selective in which ones I read. This one was a

Do not wait. Download it right away and read it TODAY.

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Is Your Marketing Logical… Intelligent

February 16th, 2015

Do you want to know the difference between those who get a
less than 1% conversion rate on their salespages, and those
who get double-digit conversions?

The latter just markets a little more intelligently.

It’s surprisingly easy, very inexpensive, and once you see
this video, you’ll start doing it:

Most of your competitors don’t even try to do this because
they think that it’s too complicated and expensive.

Let’s leave them ignorant to the truth… OK?

To your success,
Willie Crawford

How To Build A Membership Site With A $1,000,000 Annual Recurring Income

February 14th, 2015

Imagine if you will, having a membership site where the members
pay you 1 million dollars in membership fees each year.

On top of that, they spend several million additional dollars
with you on backend products and services.

While I HAVE seen membership sites earning this kind of revenue,
this post is actually about my quest to build such a site of my
own… something I’m already working diligently on.

Before you think that I’ve completely lost it, I’ll point out

1) The annual memberships will cost $1000, so I only need to get
and keep 1000 members

2) I’m following the advice of one of the people that I’ve
learned the most from about marketing, and about wealth
creation… Dan Kennedy.

Dan’s advice is sell to people who have and not only are willing
to spend the money, but HAVE TO spend the money in order to
accomplish one of their over-arching objectives.

So, my membership site targets people who will happily pay a
$1000 annual membership fee… and consider it bargain.

It’s simply taking advice that I frequently give to those that I
mentor, which is to choose what segment of the market you are
going to serve, and don’t be afraid to target the upper end of
the market.

I’m not going to reveal my niche to most people at this point. I
WILL be reaching out to some of you and sharing what I’m doing
because your product or service is the perfect backend offering
for my members.

I also invite YOU to private message me, tell me what you do or
sell, and if what you do or sell is a fit, I may have a
proposition for you. I may position you in front of this very
lucrative market… but if I do, I will ask for something from
you in return!

The only thing that I’ll reveal to you right now is the
powerful-yet-simple platform that I’m building this site on.
I’ve known the developer of the platform for some time, and fell
in love with the platform and its ease of use as soon as he
showed it to me.

The platform is not officially launched yet…but will be in just
a couple of days. As with many things that I find out about
through my friends and connections, I gained early access… and
put it through its paces. I tested software during my last 5
years in the Air Force, so I pride myself on being able to
thoroughly evaluate a piece of software… and find its flaws. I
actually viewed my job in the Air Force as being tasked to prove
that the software I tested was unsuitable BEFORE the military
accepted it from the developer. I wanted to shield my troops from
flawed software before it was fielded.

Since I’m building my flagship, million dollar site on this
platform, obviously it passed the tests with flying colors!

You’ll find a video or two that shows just how easy to use, and
powerful, the software is at:

Get on the early-bird notification list using the form at that
URL, and they will notify you as soon as it’s available to the
general public!

DARE to think as big as I do… and then take action to turn your
dreams into reality!


By the way, I’m keeping a diary as I pull off this insane feat.
I do plan on giving that case-study to my subscribers for free
after I’ve accomplished it. So, stay tuned.