My BEST Email Subject Line Ever Was

April 6th, 2014

“RE: Let’s Make A Baby…”

Here is the email that I used that with.

Hi ,

No, I’m not making an indecent proposal to you,
but I AM making a serious business proposition!

You see, over the past 18 years, I have created
over 150 digital products, and on Facebook, I
often referred to these as “my babies.”
If you have a product idea, I’d like to step you
through creating it, and getting it out into the

I won’t charge you ANYTHING for doing this, if I
buy into it, except for a percentage of the profits.

YOU will do most of the heavy lifting, but I can,
and will show you how. I’ll also tie you into my
networks, which can make a huge difference with the
right product. I MUST see the profit potential of
the product before I take it on!

It will be your product, and the main goal in
releasing it will be to build your name recognition,,
build you a list, and of course, make US some mulah.

If you’d like to discuss further, please connect with
me via email at:

Please make the subject of your email: “our baby.”

Let’s do it!

I do have to warn you, that the first question I will
ask you is “How do you know that the market wants this!”



That was a genuine offer, but it doesn’t share my
behind-the-scenes understanding of copywriting with you.

This does, so get this:


How To Earn Passive Income As An Affiliate Marketer… It’s Not A Myth, I Do It Every Month

April 4th, 2014


Facebook Just Went After LinkedIn

April 3rd, 2014

So facebook made some new updates to their advertising
platform… one of which you can now target users based
on their employer and job title.

This you can already do in LinkedIn. The funny thing is
LinkedIn is ridiculously expensive to advertise in. It
starts at $2 a click and goes up from there.

This type of advertising is silly when we can get 25,550
views on our LinkedIn profile without spending a lick on
ads… facebook, linkedin or otherwise.

Eventually the CPC of LInkedIn will go down to be more
competitive so then it might make sense.

For now just ignore and instead scoop up all the free


Discover The 6 simple tweaks that can triple sales… (immediately)

March 30th, 2014

JohnCarltonInterview-smallMy good buddy, Carl Picot and fellow ‘all round good guy
marketer’, has taken ‘massive’ action and released a great
product on persuasive words that sell in all of your marketing
communication (email copy included!).

It features John Carlton, Colin Theriot, Michael Millman and
other legends of persuasion.

The product is called ‘The Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind’
and at $9.00 (Dimesale) discount, this is a complete no brainer

If you want ‘The insider secrets’ that these Gods of Marketing
have acquired over the years to sell $1,000,000′s of
products then I suggest that you grab this genuine bargain right
now and get some REAL training from the Pro’s…

…so you can start implementing them to finally gain your time and
freedom back!

At this price, you don’t don’t even need to look at the sales

You just need to scroll down and click the buy button.

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But Hurry as the price is rising as you read this e-mail

To your success,

Informal Networking On The Beach @ Okaloosa Island FL, June 21st, 2014

March 30th, 2014


Every June since 2007, I’ve hosted or co-hosted
an informal get together at The Crab Trap on
Okaloosa Island, Florida.

Okaloosa Island is in the panhandle, between Destin,
FL and Ft. Walton Beach, FL. The address of the
beach-side restaurant where we meet is:
The Crab Trap,
1450 Miracle Strip Pkwy, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

It’s physically located “On The Boardwalk” on
Okaloosa Island!

We meet on the back patio at around 1pm CDT, and
hang out there, or in the vicinity, for as long as
we want… we are usually there until 9-10pm.

Some people stay over and continue networking the
following day (Sunday). Some go to a local comedy
club (Howl At The Moon) that Sunday night. The
club features HBO quality comedians, dueling
pianists, and is a lot of fun… The show is for
adults, and the language used is STRONG!

I plan in being in town all the following week, so
if you want to stay over and meet during that week,
we can also arrange that!

The restaurant doesn’t generally care how long we
stay, although they may move us to a different
section of the restaurant depending upon customer

There are lots of picnic tables, pagodas, and other
hangouts in the area.

There is no cost for the gathering, except you pay
for your own meals and lodging. Most of us order
something at the restaurant, and many attendees stay
at one of the many local hotels… some turning it
into a nice family vacation.

The gathering is just online friend who know each
other via social media, forums like the Warrior
Forum, or perhaps have met at seminars.

Some attend just to hang out with friends.

Others attend for some SERIOUS networking and bring
along handouts and details of projects that they
are working on… realizing that this IS an
excellent opportunity to find JV partners.

The EVENT is listed on Facebook here:

Here are some photos from past gatherings (in
Facebook Albums):

Note: You may need to be logged into Facebook to
view some of these links!

If you think that you can attend or would like more
information, please let me know. It’s not essential,
but it allows me to let the restaurant know how many
to expect… they’ll give us a section of the patio.

The whole gathering is VERY informal… and people
come and go as desired.

YOU are definitely invited!

Let me know what questions you have.


How To Cash In On LinkedIn – Free Training – April 1st, 1pm EDT

March 27th, 2014


In this brilliant free training, best selling author Greig Wells
will show you an incredibly unique way to leverage the power of

” This has worked for me and it will work for you…even if you
don’t have a LinkedIn account yet.”

If you’ve been ‘sort of’ ignoring LinkedIn up until now… it’s
all about to change.

Realize that the average user on LinkedIn earns over $107,000 a
year, so these are people with money to buy your products and

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this webinar…

*The major media like ABC and NBC are searching on LinkedIn for
sources to quote in their articles and interviews, you’ll learn
the secret to being found by reporters on LinkedIn and getting
MASSIVE EXPOSURE for you and your clients.

*When people Google you, LinkedIn is one of the first sites they
see so you need a profile that converts on LinkedIn as part of
your reputation marketing strategy, even if you don’t have time
to ‘do’ LinkedIn.

*Case Studies on using Greig’s famous “3 word sentence” that you
must put on your LinkedIn profile that opens and closes deals for
you automatically, done right clients will buy from your profile
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*How to land clients and paid speaking gigs by showing up at the
top of the search results on LinkedIn when people are searching
for SEO, Social Media, or Mobile – and the one big mistake you
are making on LinkedIn that is killing deals for you now.

*How to get people willing to throw money at you (“PLEASE… just
do that thing on my LinkedIn profile you did on yours!”)

*Plus the secret SOFTWARE that AUTOMATES lead generation on

*And much much more!

Remember – on this training, best selling LinkedIn author Greig
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Greig delivered a similar live training for Tony Robbins Business
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The live webinar will include a bonus segment NOT in the
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(Proof) Over 1602 sales from one tiny solo ad???

March 27th, 2014

My old buddy Jonathan Mizel (whom I first met
in December 2002) and his partner Tim Gross
(whom I’ve also know forever) have sent over a
billion opt-in emails for everything from
biz-opps and diet products, to info products about
how to get organized.

One of their campaigns resulted in 1602 sales,
which later translated to over $53,000.

Not too shabby.

In fact, with just a few exceptions, they have
done more solo ads and email blasts than
anyone else I know.

They just released a new training called
Solo Ad Expert that explains how they did
it, and their unique email strategy in a
ridiculously inexpensive special offer.

This is one of those dimesales, which means
the price goes up a little as more people buy
it, so you’ll probably want to jump on this
deal now.

You’ll be glad you did!


How To Get A Ton Of Things For Free, Even Houses, Cars, Boats, Vacations, Professional Services, Etc.

March 25th, 2014

Read This Please – It’s SERIOUS!

I posted about this on Facebook late last week, and
had two dozen people ask me if it was “for real”…
including many friends that I’ve know for 10 or more


YES, this is for real:

If you scroll down this page you’ll see testimonials
from not only myself, but some VERY trustworthy
individuals including:

- Jim Straw
- Marlon Sanders
- Dr. Mani
- Scot Standke
- Rob Toth
- Nick Hampshire
- John Rogers
- and many others

Read a few of those testimonials and you’ll sense
how sincere they are!

I do personally ACTUALLY anticipate getting a free
house AND a free boat later this year :-)

Things are already in motion to make that happen.

My understanding is that this is something anyone in
any country can do.

Here’s exactly how I’m going to accomplish this feat,
using something that not 1 in 100,000 people understand:

It’s amazing what’s possible when you have the right
mentors, and they share these things with you :-)


Are your mentors screwing you?

March 25th, 2014

Kenster is ruffling some feathers over here:

He’s exposing mentors and other coaches for taking advantage of
you and people like you who want to earn money using the

And he’s GIVING WAY their game plan and telling you exactly how
they profit from you, without you realizing it.

If you’re curious about that stuff, go here right now and check
it out:

You won’t just learn the secrets of evil “gurus,” but you’ll
learn the only true path to success!

It’s how Kenster himself went from selling junk at flea markets
to becoming one of the most sought after, HONEST coaches online.

Check it out for yourself while you still can:


Free LIVE WEBINAR: 17,000+ Coaches and Experts Attending! March 27th, 10am PT (1pm ET)

March 25th, 2014

If you’re frustrated with how long it takes to build
your business with social media, blogs, or newsletters
you will LOVE this:

FREE Live Webinar – March 27th, 10am PT (1pm ET)

“Instant Clients Formula: Build a Massive List, Fill
Your Programs, Sell Your Products, and Take a Shortcut
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Over 17,000 coaches, speakers, and experts will be
attending this BIGGEST online event of the year.

Don’t miss it!

Rich and Milana are friends of mine, and they will be
revealing the same strategy they used to build a mailing
list of 100,000+ subscribers and a 7-figure business!

Hope to “see” you on the webinar!


See you there!

P.S. They’ll also reveal their SECRET SOURCE where
coaches, speakers, and authors can find new clients
and promotional partners, and save a TON of frustration
and rejection!