Time To SOLVE Your Traffic Problem…

May 18th, 2015

Why does getting traffic seem like such an ongoing
problem for people online?

Sure it’s important, but at the end of the day, it’s EASY.

Either pay for it or work for it. If you know what you’re
doing, paid traffic is a good investment. If not…

And if you’re cool with spending hours on forums, blog
posting and making videos, well with time and luck
you’ll drive “free” traffic.

Want the best of both worlds? Where paid traffic pays
for itself and free traffic is virtually automated?

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A BIGGER Niche Than Babies? Yep…

May 18th, 2015

People sure love babies right? They take pictures of them. They
buy them toys, blankets, dolls, stuffed animals, and more.

And lots of diapers.

But if you add all that money up, it doesn’t approach the money
in the 72 billion dollar niche I’m going to be telling you about
on Tuesday.

Yep bigger than babies.

I’ll give you a hint.

Statistics show this niche could swallow up Facebook.

If you think people buy things for babies, you have got another
thing coming. Because the 72 billion dollar niche is even MORE
passionate, MORE insane, and buys MORE.

And it’s the number one reason why virtually every stock in this
niche is at it’s all time high.

And going higher.

Tomorrow, I’ll reveal the niche and some cold hard facts.

Join me on a special webinar this Wednesday night that might just
change your life.



WHOA – A Very Profitable Niche is…?

May 17th, 2015

Over 60 BILLION in spending? The FITNESS niche is where it’s at.

My friend Lisa has created her BEST PLR pack yet.

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Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll get in your Amazon Fitness
RICHES package:


I happen to know that Lisa just started hitting the weights again
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In your package, you’ll get:

– 5 Gorgeous WordPress Templates

– 30 High-Definition Product Videos – all high-ticket 4+ star
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– Weight Training Keyword Research

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– Sports Nutrition Keyword Research

– Literally 1000’s of Keywords and Keyword Phrases to Choose

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– Weight Training Equipment Amazon.com Top Product List
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– 18 Beautiful and Customizable Ad Banners

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Now, take a WILD guess how much you’ll pay for all of that!

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Seize The Day,

What I Didn’t Know About Fiverr

May 16th, 2015

I’ve known about Fiverr for years, and have gone there from time
to time to get things done for me.

After all, when you can get a lot of tasks accomplished, by some
very talented people, for a mere $5, why wouldn’t you?

When I looked at the concept of the site though, I often asked
myself, why in the WORLD would anyone work for a mere $5.
Actually, it’s more like $4 because the site takes its fees!

This morning, I read a nice report by my friend, and colleague,
Barb Ling, titled Fiverr Profit Eagle.

In her meaty, zero-fluff 40+ page report, Barb shows you not one,
not 2, but 10 smart easy ways to profit from the Fiverr Audience.

She also opened my eyes to the fact that there are people selling
things via Fiverr for not just $5, but hundreds, and even
thousands of dollars!

It was VERY enlightening, and gave me some ideas that I will
definitely be thinking about over the weekend.. and moving

Check out Barb’s report here:


My Greatest Success Secret…

May 16th, 2015

I have reached a point in my life where I DO consider myself
fairly successful.

That is, when I compare myself to the average person that I
observe or interact with everyday, I can see that my life is “not
too bad.”

How one defines success differs from person to person… IMHO.

Having thrown that weasel opening at you, let me tell you what I
now consider my GREATEST success secret…

It’s embodied in a biblical passage, namely Matthew 7:7–8.

For those not familiar, I’ll refer you to Wikipedia:

Acknowledging that we come from many different faiths, and that
some even have NO faith, I won’t delve into my beliefs here.

Rather, I’ll share that for much of my adult life, I rarely asked
for much of anything.

Today, I ask for whatever I need or want… and I generally get

I’m not advocating begging. Rather, I’m saying that if you need a
favor, or “a break,” or anything that someone else can provide,
without too much sacrifice on their part, why not ASK.

Two very simple examples that I use routinely…

I frequently ask friends on social media to share or repost
something that I shared or posted. In many instances, it never
occurs to them to do that, yet when you ask them to, they often
realize that it will benefit members of their audiences.

I frequently ask subscribers of newsletters that I publish to
forward copies to friends. I publish a recipe list for example,
and from time to time, I’ll add… at the very bottom
please forward this to a friend who would also enjoy
it, and suggest that they subscribe to.”

When I do that, I always get a ton of emails saying “Done,” and I
generally see a spike in my number of subscribers.

Of course, I DO sometimes ask for much bigger things, but always
mindful of what it might actually cost the person that I ask the
favor of.

Anyway, why not add that simple success habit to your bag of
tricks today?

It works 😉


Oh… a word of caution…

The big way to make this not work, at least on me, is to attempt
to “guilt” me into doing something for you.

The world owes none of us anything, and life is at time seemingly

Asking by implying that you are somehow owed that favor WILL

Fiverr Profits Made Simple

May 16th, 2015

Have you ever heard of ‘gig’ sites where you can make
$4 for each sale?

Want to turn that concept upside down…..

And uncover 10 powerful ways to blast past that barrier?

Oh, and did I mention….

==> You Don’t Even Have To Put Up A Single Gig?

(Keep in mind the sales page is geared towards Fiverr,
but you’ll see as you read how you can apply it here!)

At its most basic, you make only $4 from every $5 gig.
But there’s *another* way to cash in on this niche…

And my Authority marketing friend, Barb Ling, has just
released the powerful blueprint that shows you

==> Fiverr Profit Eagle

In this meaty, zero-fluff 40+ page handout, she shows
you not one, not 2, but 10 smart easy ways to profit
from the Fiverr Audience.

You’ll learn all about the:

Fiverr Master List

Fiverr eMail Twist

Fiverr Power Tool

Fiverr OPP Secret

Fiverr Clone Flash

And there’s 5 *more* ways that are included too!

==> All Spelled Out

The upsells include 381 Done For You Niches that give
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And also bundled discounts to her flagship products.

So if you’d like to get the insiders secrets *fast*…

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Willie Crawford

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Next NAMS Workshop For ONLY $27 – Includes The Recordings!

May 15th, 2015


The First NAMS Virtual Intensive is scheduled for August.

Yes, that’s 3 months away, but it will also be $297 then instead
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But you have to grab it before midnight EDT tonight – that’s
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It’s our FIRST EVER NAMS Virtual Intensive Workshop from August
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Just as you and I want to GET even more from our business
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opportunities to:
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We explain all this here in this video:

– Great training
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So, if I’m right – you definitely want in on the convenience of a
Home-Study Course style learning experience, complete with
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Here’s how to get in on the NAMS Virtual Intensive Workshop
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A Noteworthy JV Opportunity: List Building + Commissions + Prizes!

May 13th, 2015

Participating in JV Launches is a sure fire way
to boost your income and win fabulous prizes –
there’s never been any doubt about it.

But the reality is, most launches build the
list of the owner and not the JV Partner…

So while the income is great, it’s usually a
one-off stream or at best some ongoing residuals
IF there’s a strong recurring membership component
that’s part of the launch.

There IS one exception though – and that’s what
I’m excited to share with you today…

I call the 5th Annual Healthy, Wealthy & Wise
Gifts launch “the best of both worlds.”

A “world” that brought in thousands of members in one
month alone last year, I might add…


Because when you join this proven event as one of
Dr. Joe Rubino, Carolyn Hansen and guest host Curtis
Farrar’s JV partners – you are getting both list
building AND income potential at its finest.

Are you starting to see why I say it’s the best of
both worlds?

You’ll understand it even more when you see this here:


This is the ONLY event of it’s kind and size in the
Health and Wellness niche and it provides an opportunity
like no other to add 1000s of TARGETED subscribers to
your own list virtually overnight.

In addition to the obvious prizes and commissions to
be had, you simply can’t put a price on the value of
adding targeted subscribers to your list that will
pay dividends for years to come!

This is a totally different concept than what a lot
of us are used to – but it’s truly an opportunity to
break through any limiting beliefs that have been
holding you back and make the summer of 2015 YOUR
Time for Success!

Join me in this once a year opportunity right here:


Here’s To Your Success this Summer!
Willie Crawford

P.S. This event is free to join, but with over 500
gifts last year, I highly recommend you give serious
thought to upgrading your account for 4x the list
building visibility and the opportunity to add multiple
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How To Grow Your Business FASTER Even If You Have “NO Money!”

May 13th, 2015

Many people go into business online because they think that it
will be easier and cheaper than in the brick-and-mortar world.

They anticipate bootstrapping… starting a business on a
shoe-string budget, and gradually (but slowly) scaling it.

Sadly, most seem to hit a glass ceiling, and give up, or settle
for just being a tiny operation… often making less than they
would in a regular job.

They often end up working MUCH longer hour, for much less pay,
than they would earn in a regular job. They work for one of the
worse bosses in the world… themselves!

If you find yourself in a similar predicament, there is a really,
really EASY solution… one that you can probably implement THIS

The solution is to barter some of the things that you do have for
the things that you need to grow your business.

You likely have skills/talents, and other resources that you’re

In fact, if you notice yourself spending all day on Facebook, or
other social media sites, I can almost guarantee that you have
something that others could use and would happily pay for… your

If you have never considered barber before, allow me to enlighten

Millions of business owners in the U.S. do some type of barter,
to help ease (or alleviate) cash-flow problems in their

Some barter directly with other business owners, and others do it
on organized barter exchanges, where they get barter credits for
what they offer, and these credits can be used to buy things from
other members.

I PERSONALLY am a member of one barter exchange with over 25,000
members. I offer my products and services to earn barter

I use my barter credits for:
– Printing
– Advertising in newspapers, magazines (regional and national),
on the radio, and to purchase online media (mostly banners on
some VERY big websites)
– Direct mail services
– Office supplies
– Electronics
– Dentistry
– Household furnishings
– Restaurant meals
– Hotel rooms and time-share usage
– Legal services
– Accounting/bookkeeping services
– Professional video and audio work
– Work related to building and maintaining websites
– Automotive repairs
– Housing and landscape maintenance
– and a ton of other things

In fact, just about any product or service that you can imagine
IS available via barter… if you know where and how to look.

If you DO find yourself struggling with growing your business,
I’d be happy to introduce you to my primary contacts in the
barter world.

I’ll also help you to figure out what you DO have that you can
offer in exchange for what you need.

Here’s another thing to consider… many online business people
that I know (or observe) WAY under-price their products and

In the barter world, we generally charge regular retail prices,
and don’t bargain or ask for discounts!

I’ve hopefully just opened your eyes to a world that you hadn’t
seriously looked at before.

As I said previously, I’d be happy to make some introductions…
but the contacts that I deal with are all in the U.S. and Canada.

I AM a member of several barter groups (primarily on LinkedIn)
where they have members from many other countries. They do share
information within those groups, so if you are not from the U.S.
or Canada, that’s where I’d likely point you!

So now that I’ve removed one of the biggest excuses that many of
my online friends (who operate businesses) have, the question is
what are you going to do.

The answer should be, send a private message asking me to tell
you more: [ willie dot crawford at gmail dot com ]

I AM a wealth of knowledge! In fact, the best course on barter
that I’ve seen… has an entire section sharing how I leverage
barter in one specific arena :-)


[JV] Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Gifts 5 Giveaway Looking For Contributors NOW!

May 11th, 2015

Self-help experts Dr. Joe Rubino, Carolyn Hansen and special
guest host Curtis Farrar have just unleashed the flood gate on
their Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Gifts annual mid-year giveaway
and I’m here to tell you that this is one event NOT TO MISS!

I’ve taken part each of the last 4 years :-)

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This is the 5th Annual Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Gifts giveaway
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I also suggest you seriously look at upgrading your account for
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