WOW! Check Out This New “Intelliplayer” Tool

May 2nd, 2015

I don’t want to go into a sales pitch, but here’s
what this software tool allows you to do:

– Add Clickable Call to Action to Any Youtube,
Vimeo or Amazon S3 Video…

– Get New Email Subscribers From Adding Videos
to Your Websites…

– Embed Code Works on All Page Builders,
WordPress, HTML, etc.

– Super Fast Deployment for Quick Start

Just take a glance at it. I think that it rocks!

FYI, I can see maybe grabbing the embed code from
a YouTube cooking video, embed it on my cooking
site, and use it to sell MY products.

This is VERY powerful!


How Come THAT Idiot’s Rich And I’m Not?

May 2nd, 2015

That’s the title of a book by my friend Robert Shemin.
Robert is one of numerous multi-millionaires that I had
the pleasure of cruising with, and learning from, on
a cruise sponsored by The Winners Circle… a few
years ago.

The book is so good that I started reading it, and didn’t
stop reading until I had read all 247 pages!

One description of the book:

“In How Come THAT Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not” best-selling
author Robert Shemin reveals for the first time the
inner-circle secrets on the mega-wealthy. Have you ever
wondered why some people attract wealth while others stay
financially trapped and in debt? The key is wealth-friedly
unside-down thinking. Stick with all the old moneymaking
rules and stay broke. Break them and get rich. This is
the book that shows you how.”

Check it out:


A Free Webinar And 1000 Visitors To Any Site, Just Attend

April 30th, 2015

You must be on this Webinar Of The Year!

It’s Free…

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– Willie Crawford

Mike G. for a special *LIVE* webinar

Tuesday, May 5, 2015,
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As you might know, Mike G owns a lot of advertising
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So here’s the deal (and Mike G will give you
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On Tuesday, May 5, 2015,
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Mike G is conducting the WebinarOfTheYear

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Show up ten minutes early to guarantee your seat and
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Even if you can’t make this date, register anyways and Mike G
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Willie Crawford

What 42 Years Of Direct Response Marketing Has Taught Me

April 21st, 2015

I started my first real business when I was 14 and answered
an ad in the back of a magazine… probably Popular Mechanics.

The ad, read something like, “Earn $100 Per Day Stuffing
Envelopes. Send $1 Plus A Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope
For Complete Instructions.”

So I did that, and a week later received a letter in my
self-addressed stamped envelope that told me to run the same
ad, and that when people responded, to send them the same
letter :-)

That put me on a few mailing lists, and I soon began to
receive all kinds of offers for ways to earn additional
income… much like what happens on the internet today!

I eventually decided to publish my own newsletter, and to
start sending out my own email packets (called “big mails”).

At age 14, I got a bulk mailing permit, and started to
publish my own newsletter, and to send out large bulk mail
package containing lots of circulars that I charged others
to mail for them.

I saw a used mimeograph machine advertised in a newsletter
that I read, and ordered it. Then I saw someone advertising
paper and ink… dirt cheap, so I ordered a pallet load of
paper. My relatives got a kick out of seeing a tractor
trailer pull up to my house and offload a pallet of paper!
I lived on a narrow trail off of a dirt road… pretty
remote :-)

Fast-forward 23 years, and I got into business on the

Today, I apply a lot of what I learned during those
days to my online marketing.

Ten years ago, I noticed a young man named Russell Brunson,
who in many ways learned direct response marketing much the
same way that I did. As a pre-teen, he collected and
studied direct mail pieces.

Today, Russell is one of my mentors, and I encourage you to
check him out now… primarily because he is giving away a
book that shares what he has learned over the years!

You can get that book free, until midnight EDT today at:

Russell has taught me many things over the years, even though
I have been in business online eight years longer than he has.
Some people take things that they learn and run with them,
others don’t!

Here are a few of the critical lessons that I have learned
over the year… many from younger mentors such as Russell:

1) Running a business is a constant battle for attention.
Your potential customers are constantly bombarded with
advertising messages. You need to find a way to break through
and get them to notice you.

2) Once you get them to notice you, you need to get them into
your marketing funnel. MOST will not buy from you upon their
first contact. So you need to get permission to keep in touch
with them. You need to be in front on them when THEY are
ready to buy!

Online or offline, you need to get them into your funnel system.

Offline, you may get them to visit your store, and enter a
drawing for a free gift, or just sign up for your email list to
be informed of when you are running a sales.

Online, you get them to opt-in to your list, and give you
permission to keep in touch, providing them with valuable
information, and from time to time, telling them about things
that you have for sale.

You then need to follow up with them… many people will buy
only after the fifth contact or later. You should probably
have a dozen or more message in your follow-up sequence.

The free book that I mentioned, by Russell, shares with you
the EXACT funnels that he uses to run his 8-figure ($10,000,000+)
business. He shares things that I’ve never seen shared before,
and his book is FREE. The URL to visit and tell him where to
mail your book is:

3) Not all “traffic” is the same. You want to attract the
attention of your ideal customers and make them aware of how
you can benefit them.

Since I do a lot of marketing online, I’ve learned that social
media traffic is not as responsive as direct email traffic from
people who have already learned to know, like, and trust you.
Most people on social media are there primarily to be “social!”

I can post a “tweet” and generate as many as 300 clicks in a
matter of minutes, but most of them will be just from
curious followers… and they will rarely buy.

I can send out an email offer, and convert a good percentage
of them into customers.

4) When you do market on social media, since it is a battle
for attention, IMAGES work best in grabbing attention. Use
interesting images that evoke emotion. Images of beautiful,
fit women also grab attention… of both men and women :-)

5) Regardless of the medium that you use, you need to
understand how to build the know-like-trust (KLT) factor.

Most people don’t know you on that first contact, they can’t
really like you, and they certainly don’t trust you. You
need to let them get to know you. If you stop with just one
message to them, you’ve left 95% of your potential sales on the
table. It really is that simple.

You absolutely must build trust… and build an audience. Then
the rest it very easy!

6) The final one that I will share with you here today is that
every communication needs to have ONE primary purpose. So when
you send out an email, or post a promotional message on social
media, DON’T try to promote two different things, or two different

In case you are wondering what the purpose of this post is, it’s
to get you to grab Russell’s book before it’s too late. It’s free
through midnight Eastern today, April 21st!

Grab it here:

Then stay tuned for more lessons from my running businesses for
42 years :-)


Nice Video Recording Of Todd Brown And Russell Brunson Talking Marketing Funnels

April 14th, 2015

Both of these guys really know marketing funnels and
how to get massive conversions!

I’ve watched this twice now… while taking notes :-)

Here’s where you can get the book that Todd recommends
(Russell’s book), for free!
It’s a physical book that
I also own and have read several times:

I’ve watched Russell for over 10 years now, and learned
a lot from him, even though I’ve been online 8 years
longer than he has.


Get the book (free) => get the $10k workshop (free)

April 14th, 2015

So, last week, Russell Brunson released his new ‘DotComSecrets’
book… and so far has given away almost 10,000 copies!!! (Have
you gotten your copy yet?)

Now, one thing that most people don’t know… is not only do you
get the book for free (just cover shipping) – for the first 10k
people, he also gave you access to a $10k gift

Did you see it? It’s the recordings from his $10k coaching
group, where he FIRST shared these ‘DotComSecrets’ that you’ll
find in the book…

Yes, this bonus alone is worth $10k… but you guys are getting
it as a gift – but ONLY if you’re one of the first 10k people who
get the free book…

These books have been flying off the shelves…

So, that means – if you want this crazy bonus – you need to move
NOW and get your copy of the book… NOW.

You’ll still be able to get the book next week – but this bonus
will likely be gone.

Sound good?

Cool – then go get your copy NOW… and start watching your $10k
bonus this week. :)



P.S. – I’ve seen people launch $2k courses that don’t cover 1/2
of what you’re gonna get for FREE inside of this bonus – get your
copy NOW before it’s too late…

Google Will Sink Your Sites On 4/21/15 Unless You To THIS

April 13th, 2015

Guess what is happening in less than 2 weeks…

…That will cause 90% of marketer’s websites to sink in Google’s
Search Engine?

It’s called Mobilegeddon and not since Google Panda have websites
been in such danger.

==> Your Site MUST Have This To Rank Well!

Google is forcing sites to become Mobile Friendly for their next

And if yours is NOT, your site will sink in its search engine.
You NEED to prevent that!

Luckily, my colleague Barb Ling who is always the first to figure
out simple solutions to complex problems, has *just* released her

==> Surthrivor: Mobile Edition!

In this quick-read 30-page handout, she shows you the
easy-to-follow steps you must take to be compliant with Google.

The danger is real… but this product solution makes surviving
it easy indeed.

The upsells include Rebranding Rights (add your name, give it to
your clients and then sell the service), software to assure
you’re never caught unawares again with regards to Mobile
Marketing and SEO…

And also bundled discounts to her flagship products.

So if you’d like to ensure Google continues to love YOUR site…
Grab your copy of Surthrivor: Mobile Edition today!

Willie Crawford

PS: This is NOT false scarcity – it’s happening on 4/21/15.
Protect your site today!

I’m Giving Away An iPhone 6 64gb…

April 5th, 2015

Here’s a new contest that I just started where you can
win an iPhone 6 64gig. The contest ends on April 19th.

Before you do anything else though, I want to encourage
you to grab a copy of the best marketing book that I’ve
read recently. Get that here:
The link will open in a new window, so you’ll still be
on this page!

Then grab your contest link and spread it around. The
winner will be chosen in a random drawing!

Good luck:

Free IPhone 6 64gb

The unlocked iPhone includes all the features of iPhone but without a wireless contract commitment or a carrier installment plan. You can activate and use the unlocked iPhone on the supported wireless network of your choice, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizo

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My Grandchildren Are Featured As Heroes In This Children Book

March 29th, 2015


How I Get Tens Of Thousands Of Subscribers For Less Than 1 Cents Each…

March 29th, 2015

That’s the title of my latest report, which I’m getting
ready to roll out on JV Zoo in a few days.

The report will sell for $17 per copy, and I’ll have an
affilate program paying 100% commission. You see, I don’t
really need the money, and want to show many people
struggling to build a list just how easy it can be.

I stumbled upon the method that I use to get these
subscribers so inexpensively, almost by accident, and
haven’t shared it with ANYONE up until this point.
I’ve decided to spill the beans… and I’m sure I’ll gain
a LOT of fans :-)

So my plan is to offer the report via affiliates, letting
them keep all of the front end profits. Later on, I may
offer backend products to those customers but my real
purpose is to deliver overwhelming value on the frontend,
and continue to build on the loyal following that I’ve
created over the past 18+ years.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, for two reasons:

1) I’d like to GIVE you, as a loyal reader, a copy
of the report. I hope that you’ll like it enough to give
me a nice testimonial
that I can can use on my salespage
which makes writing that salespage 100 times easier.

2) I’m in a contest that I really want to win! In order
to win the contest, I just have to be the person to give
away the most copies of a FREE book. The book is
really good, and you can get it here:

That’s where I need your help.

I need for you to go a copy of this free book (a physical
book) and my free report is a bonus for doing so.

I already know that my report is going to be a top seller,
and that lots of people will want to become affiliates.
Why wouldn’t they? The report shares something practically
EVERYONE selling anything online should want to know.
So, I’ve also decided to make my affiliate program a
“CLOSED” affiliate program. That is, people have to
apply to become an affiliate for products sold via JVZoo,
and I plan on ONLY approving people on my list of those
who grabbed Russell’s book via my referral link.

So here’s what you need to do right now if you want my
bonus of the report, and if you want to qualify to become
an affiliate for some really easy commissions:

1) Grab the free book offered here:

2) Send me an email telling me that you got the book.
Send that email to

This email address is only used for this purpose, and
to make it easy for my team to verify that you are
eligible for the affiliate program.

After you complete the above two steps, be watching for
the bonus report in a few days. I still need to polish it
a little, but it’s almost ready :-)

Thanking you in advance for your help.


By the way, Russell’s book will teach you how to manage and
montize you new list. Without this knowledge, having a
large list can be more of a curse than a blessing.
can be both expensive to host, and very non-responsive.
That’s another reason that I want you to get the book.

That URL again: