Why I Just Canceled My Paid BudURL Account…

January 24th, 2016


I just canceled my paid account at BudURL because my OWN
software, installed on my OWN server is better.

Sites like BudURL, TinyURL, Bitly, etc., can and sometimes
do KILL your links without warning, for various reasons.

It brands me and my websites, gives me total control over
the links (I can even log into a control panel and change
where hundred… even thousands of published links point
to), doesn’t cost me ANYTHING, potentially saving me
thousands of dollars per year!

The software was custom created to my specifications, just
updated THIS month, and I’d like to GIVE you a copy, if you
download it before January 29th at 10am EST.

After that, you’ll have to pay $97 for the software.

Your license allows you to use it on an unlimited number of
YOUR OWN domains.

That matters a little because your links will have the
domain name of the website it’s installed on, and you may
want to build link juice to, or brand, more than one domain.

You can grab the software here, where it’s one of over 500
gifts, available 100% free, through January 29th only:


Log into the site, click on “General Downloads” and my
software is right there on the first page!

Go ahead and download it now, even if you don’t need it
right away. Once you register the software, I’ll give you
FREE upgrades for life!

My life, not yours :-)


Free Copies Of My Two Best Pieces Of Software – Ends January 29th!

January 23rd, 2016

I just wanted to encourage you to download two software
packages that I had custom created for me.

I’m giving away the two pieces of software, which you
install on your website, as a way to power-up your new year.

The software is only available for free though the morning
of January 29th… then you’ll have to pay $144 for it.

The first piece of software is a URL shortener and cloaker.

It’s very similar to Budurl or Bitly, with the biggest
difference being that when you use a link created with the
software, you maintain total control and you brand

When you use a third-party service, the search engines see
links pointing to THEIR sites, and the third-party providers
can KILL your links at any time, for any reason.

A competitor can simply file a complaint against you, and
your links, which you may have spread in hundreds of places
can simply be deleted.

With the software that I’m giving you, this can’t happen
since the software is installed on your server!

The second piece of software is a “URL Rotator.”

This software allows you to promote, or advertise, ONE URL
and for the clicks to be distributed to any number of
websites that you specify.

You can weigh how these clicks are distributed, so that some
websites get more clicks than others.

I had this URL Rotator created because I’m in a network
marketing company and wanted to help out my team members.

Having been marketing online since 1996 (for 20 years) I
have become a bit of an expert at generating website
traffic. Not all of my team members are as proficient at
getting visitors to their websites. So, I decided to do it
FOR my team members who have shown a little initiative.

What I do is write articles, create and publish videos,
host podcasts, and write ebooks and press releases… all
centered around the problem that my product solves. When
someone clicks on a link to check out my product, they are
sent to one of my team members’ sites, where they can
request more information, and the team member that I sent
them to then needs to follow up.

I use this software to send my team members “leads’” that
they would otherwise probably pay $5 – $10 for. I take care
of my team :-)

The software can be used in a number of different ways. You
are only limited by your imagination.

To get the software, you merely need to visit this site
which also has over 500 other products that you can
download 100% for free:


The website has my gifts listed on the very FIRST page of
the downloads :-)

My gifts currently sell for $144 (for the two pieces of
software)… and I also give away an ebook that once sold
for $47!

Enjoy, and be on the lookout for more free gifts from me :-)


Watch This Video – See Exactly How Blogs Make Money Today!

January 21st, 2016

Have you ever wondered —

“How exactly do blogs make money?”

Well today I have the answer for you.

Yaro has released the second pre-training video in the Blog
Profits Blueprint series and in it he shows real life
example blogs, including how they sell products and

You can watch here:


The video features a tour of blogs that cover the following

Curing Acne
Independent Book Publishing
Virtual Assistants
Women In Business
Speed Reading In Indonesian
As you can see, these are all very different topics, yet
each blog applies the same system to make money.

What’s also impressive is every person behind each of these
blogs makes at the very least a full time income.

Some of them are even getting close to making a million
dollars a year from their online business!

If you want to see how, go watch this video:


Listen To Full-Length Interviews

On the same page with the video, scroll down and you will
find more incredible free resources…

Yaro has released a series of interview case studies with
people who have successfully built hugely profitable blog
based businesses.

The interviews are one hour long and you will learn exactly
what each successful person did when they were just starting
— before they had an email list or blog.

Just like you might be starting with nothing today, all
these people started from ground zero.

In these interviews you will what they first did to grow
their blog and email list.

You can find almost 20 hours worth of amazing case study
interviews and the blog tour video right here:




By the way… if you have not yet downloaded your free copy
of the Blog Profits Blueprint 2.0 report, you can still get
it on the video 2 page.

Do it today…


HUGE 86 Lessons Course with PLR!

January 15th, 2016


I just want to get the word out before I head out with my
grandkids for dinner.

The Real Guys – Eric, Paul and Jeff – have just released the
PLR rights to their tried and tested training course.

You can skip the hassles of product creation and the steep
learning curve on content creation!

Click Here To Check Out No Cost Income Stream Blueprint PLR

Most people think that to be in the information business you
have to come up with your own content.

That couldn’t be any further from the truth. Besides, creating
content takes a LOT od time and effort.

That’s why I love this solution (even picked up my own copy!)

With the Private Label Rights to “No Cost Income Stream
Blueprint” you get a series of 86 Lessons on how to start your
own business – no money down.

Will this be your next hit?

Click Here To Check Out No Cost Income Stream Blueprint PLR.

Plus you also get 16 extra training courses on No Cost Traffic
Strategies. This is an absolute winner.

Check it out – let me know if you have any questions.


Facebook Is Blocking Your Links!

January 15th, 2016

Many subscribers and friends have contacted me asking
for help with the issue of Facebook blocking their links
from time to time.

It doesn’t matter whether these links are posted to their
FB wall, to a group, to a page, or even in a private message…
if FB doesn’t like a link for whatever reason, they will
BLOCK that post unless you remove that link.

Often, the reason that they block a link is because the
link points to an affiliate platform where people have
promoted whatever product just a little too aggressively.

I 100% understand how that could cause problems.

At the same time, what if you just want to share a link
to some pet project with a friend? FB can, and often
does, still BLOCK your links.

The solution to your dilemma is a WordPress plug-in called
WP LinkShield. You can read all about and download that
plug-in at:


Incidentally, that link was created using WP LinkShield
installed on my WP blog :-)

In your corner and hopefully making your life a little
easier :-)


Protected: Free Report – How I Won A Solo Mailing To A List Of 150,000 Subscribers – Download Link – Some Great Marketing Tips!

January 11th, 2016

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Free Report – How I Won A Solo Mailing To A List Of 150,000 Subscribers

January 11th, 2016

I recently took part in a list building giveaway JV where
one of the prizes offered for referrals was a solo mailing
to 150,000.

Naturally, I found that an attractive prize, and even though
the giveaway was in the
self-help/fitness/personal-development arena, where I am
not that well-known, I decided to participate AND to go for
the solo mailing.

As one of the best internet marketers that I know,
naturally… I WON it.

However, it’s not 100% obvious how I won… and it wasn’t
primarily by emailing my large database.

I committed last year to mailing my lists LESS often, and to
not promoting ANYTHING in some of my mailings… which is
contrary to what I see so many online marketers doing.

I want to give my list members more value, and then from
time to time offer then goods and services that I’m
convince will REALLY, really help them!

Anyway, I’d like to GIVE you a free PDF sharing HOW I won
this prize, and why it worked.

To claim the PDF for free, just fill in the form here, and
my autoresponder will send it to you ASAP:

I also request that you take a few minutes and look over the
nearly 700 free gifts offered by my JV partners and I.

Please do that by visiting: http://eaglemaker.com/1/gifts

Thanking you in advance!

Free Webcast: 5 Lessons Learned After Selling 1.4 Million Books and Ebooks

January 7th, 2016


Free Webcast: 5 Lessons Learned After Selling 1.4 Million Books and Ebooks

Please join this webcast where Content Marketing Expert
Alice Seba interviews New York Times Best-Selling Expert
Ron Douglas.

They are both close friends, and genuine experts whom I’ve
learned from for a very long time.

You won’t be disappointed!

The free webcast is Sunday, January 10th at 6 – 7PM EST.

Click Here To Register For Free!


Do You Honestly Have What It TAKES To Be A Successful Online Business Owner?

January 5th, 2016


Let me start out by admitting that this is a direct
challenge to anyone who has ever said that they want to
build a successful online business, spent time studying how
to do that, and then never implemented.

This is meant to say, “Do what you say you want to do and
already know how to do, or stop pretending that you are
serious about it all!”

I’m going to boldly state that the reason many “of you”
aren’t more successful is that you don’t have the guts to be

If you’ve spent more than six months studying “marketing”
then you probably don’t need to collect more knowledge, you
need to start testing and IMPLEMENTING.

Things are going to keep changing, and you’ll never have the
most up-to-date, “perfect” information. So you need to make
decisions using the best information available at the time,
analyze your results as you implement, and make adjustments
as necessary.

I ended last year by “surveying” a lot of the online
marketing landscape, and decided to do something that I
don’t recall seeing anyone do before.

I decided to mentor willing individuals through the process
of SOLVING what I’ve heard more people voice as their
biggest constraint to NOT having a more successful

I’m now going into my 20th year in business online, and
have worked very closely with hundreds of individual who
told me that they were serious about building an online

Many even asked me to mentor them, told me that they would
follow my instructions, and when I had led them to success
that they would even give me the majority of the money

Now those people sounded sincerely serious, but very few of
them had any follow-through or a real willingness to work
for the reward that they sought.

When we examined what was holding them back, the excuse that
I heard the most often was, “but I don’t have a list!”

My response has always been and still IS, “so when are you
going to START building that list?”

I personally know people who have used that excuse for five
or even 10 years yet they have never honestly worked at
solving that problem.

As I thought about that last November, I asked “WHY?”

The conclusion that I reached was that there is far too much
conflicting information out there, and that many people
simply feel unsure of the correct path to follow.

They feel AFRAID of making mistakes, wasting time headed
down the wrong path, or just not doing all of the things to
make the pieces work together properly.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I’ve never seen
anything that guaranteed anyone’s success, and most of the
successful people that I know, had numerous failures on the
road to success.

A second excuse that I heard far too often was that of not
being able to afford a good coach.

LIFE in general doesn’t owe you anything, and not being able
to afford something USUALLY means that you will have to do

That’s IS the reality of it.

I grew up on welfare, in a house with no telephone, no
television, often-times with no heat (when we ran out of the
heating oil and need to save up for a refill), and where we
depended upon neighbors and relatives for transportation and
other “luxuries.

If I went to see a doctor as a child, it was often because
the school nurse notice a problem,and someone, somewhere,
issues a voucher so that the doctor could be paid.

I’m not telling you those things because I want sympathy. I
did manage to pull out of that cycle of poverty and fully
“expect” to earn 7-figures this year.

I’m telling you those things so that you’ll appreciate that
I, as a mentor-teacher,and successful role-model, understand
struggle… and even appreciates how it shapes an

I also acknowledge that a person CHANGES their circumstances
when they are READY to change them, and that for many people
that time never arrives.

I say all that to say that for the next 2 day I’m offering
to step those, who are honestly WILLING and ready, through
the doors of online success by holding your hand while we
build you a list of at least 2000 subscribers in a 30 day

I’m restricting it to those willing to take action in the
next 2 days because the timing is perfect for getting you
started, but after January 7th, at 10am EST, circumstances
will change and that “perfect” opportunity will go away.

The very successful people that I know, and make a point of
hanging around, all teach that “Money Loves Speed!”

So you do need to be decisive.

Visit my webpage at: http://budurl.me/YouRock and follow
the simple instructions there to let me know that you want
me to mentor you for free.

You need to do that NOW.

There are two action on that page that you need to take to
let me know that you are serious and neither costs anything.

I’m already working with about 430 people in a Private
Facebook Group, as we get ready to actually IMPLEMENT things
on January 7th., at 10am EST. You do need to do a few
preparatory things.

Those who HAVE already committed are often shocked at how
much time and energy I have PERSONALLY poured into helping
them, doing things such as:

– Helping them choose a niche and plan a strategy or flow
out a funnel

– Helping them set up and test squeeze page and

– Helping them find suitable gifts to offer as “ethical
bribes” to get people to join their lists

– Giving them free copies of software that I paid a small
fortune to have developed and kept up to date … software
currently selling for hundreds of dollars

– Giving them free access to training that I also sell for
hundreds of dollars.

– Developing step-by-step checklists

I’m not doing this 100% out of the goodness of my heart. I’m
also creating a product (that will launch in February) as I
step people through the process, validate it and document my

So, I’ve rambled on long enough. If you feel that you
honestly have what it takes, please visit:


and sign up for me to guide you
through the portal…for free.

If you are not certain, then you should probably not sign
up. It’s not fair for you to be a roadblock to those who are
ready and WILLING to take massive and immediate action.

IF you are ready, then now is the time, and the doors do
have to close on January 7th because that’s when we actually
start BUILD that list.

I’ll see you on the inside…


Drop The WSO Magic-Bullet Buyer Mentality And Move AHEAD Massively!

January 5th, 2016

The largest and busiest “internet marketing forum” that I’m
aware of is the Warrior Forum.

It’s a vibrant community with 1,033,403 registered members,
from all over the world, who have made 8,247,668 posts to
670,501 thread… in modern times… mostly centered around
how to build a business and make money online.

I was a moderator on this forum for 4 1/2 years, LONG before
I’d ever really looked at Facebook.

The forum is broken down into topical sub-forums, and when
you visit and log-in you are shown how many people are
currently reading each sub-forum.

There is one sub-forum called the Warrior Special Offers
(WSO) forum. That’s where warriors pay a fee to post an ad
for one of their products. It’s called a Warrior “Special”
Offer because it’s suppose to be an offer that you want find
priced better anywhere else!

Many people launch products on the WSO forum. Some have even
built six-figure businesses doing little other than running
WSO’s, and I in the past have run some very successful

The WSO’s usually have fairly hype-filled headlines, because
that’s what grabs attention.

So, there are lots of promises of “magic bullets” that with
the mere push of a button, allows you to grow your business

While you can’t blatantly make false claims, and the forum
operators police for that, some forum members skirt the
truth as closely as possible because they know that that is
what sells.

What is VERY telling is the fact that EVERY time I’ve
visited the forum, and looked at where the most visitors
are, they are concentrated on the WSO forum!

Now, people running WSO’s can offer affiliate commissions
and entice OTHERS to promote their WSO’s, driving traffic to
that specific section of the forum.

A good percentage of WSO’s are set up to pay Instant
Affiliate Commissions, and many people running WSO’s pay
100% on the front-end offer.

The astute person will look at that and realize that the
reason some people run certain WSO’s is because it’s a VERY
easy way to get others to drive traffic… paying
customers… to their offers , and in the process, build the
person running the WSO a list of Proven BUYERS!

One of the methods that I’m teaching during the 30 days of
step-by-step mentoring on how to build a list of 2000+
(within 30 days) is a variation of the WSO model.

It’s one of two methods that I’m focused on teaching.

If you haven’t signed up for that free mentoring yet,
“you’re about to miss the boat” and stay stuck on the island
of bewilderment.

The training commences on January 7th, and you need to sign
up a little early (as in NOW) to prepare for what I’ll be

Go ahead and register for this free training following the
instructions here: http://budurl.me/YouRock

Getting back to the Warrior Forum, and the title of this
post, I always smile when I notice how busy the WSO
sub-forum ALWAYS is.

Many of the people there buy WSO after WSO, looking for a
fast, cheap, effective solution to their problems or

They often actually FIND what they are looking for, but
before they can fully implement what they are taught, they
read an email telling them about another “must have” WSO,
and they drop what they are doing, and rush off to check it

The sad thing is that many who rush off to check out every
WSO, or new secret discovery that they read about on
Facebook , ALREADY know all that they need to know.

They simply need to STOP BUYING, implement, and become a
seller. Buying doesn’t make you any money – selling does.

So, if you want to be a online marketing success you really
do only need to “Drop The WSO Magic-Bullet Buyer Mentality
And Move AHEAD Massively”

… and since “the money’s in the list” you need to make
sure that you don’t miss out on this free mentoring ==>>