7091 Articles On EzineArticles.com – WOW!

Thought I’d pass along this note from my friend David Perdew,
and encourage you to check out his radio show TODAY!

I did use a tracking url in my post though :-)

Hi there Willie

Happy 2009!

Can you believe it? Seems like we were just watching the
ball drop on the Y2K not long ago. It’s going to be a big
year though – so much to do and so much fun…

It’s about 1:45 a.m. central time as I’m writing this. Seems
like I’m on the night shift tonight. I got half way up the
stairs from my office and I remembered that I hadn’t told
you about the big week ahead…

I’m interviewing each of the VIP Instructors for the Niche
Affiliate Marketing System workshop this week and I get all
of them together next Monday.

Don’t know who they are yet…well, go over to
http://www.NicheAffiliateMarketingSystem.com and take a

Then after you’ve registered for the most incredible
workshop of the year, get yourself over to my BlogTalkRadio
show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/DavidPerdew and set
your reminders.

Today, at 2 p.m. eastern time, I’m interviewing Jeff Herring
– The Article Marketing Guy. I don’t need to tell you much
except that he makes a really good living by creating
articles that promote his products and affiliate products to
the major article directories.

For example, he has 7091 articles on ezinearticles alone.

Don’t forget. Go register for the Niche Affiliate Marketing
System workshop at
http://www.NicheAffiliateMarketingSystem.com and then go set
your reminders for a week of great information from
fantastic speakers…

Peace & Prosperity!

David Perdew

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