Does Willie Crawford Have A Flipping Clue About Internet Marketing?

I couldn’t resist this from-the-heart feedback
on my new product (PDF and MP3) called,

“The Secrets To Selling More Big Ticket Products”

Nickolove, whom I see freqently at seminars and
conferences, was on the line live when I recorded
this product, but also has the transcripts.

Anyway, here’s what this experienced Internet
Marketers had to say about it…

Willie Crawford does indeed teach real Internet
marketing and he does so without all the hype and
fanfare that you get from some other marketers.

But not only is Willie a great teacher he also a
practitioner. He’s out in the trenches putting
his experience and expertise into practice and so
what he teaches isn’t theoretical or based on
hearsay. Instead it’s based on current,
cutting-edge practices.

In fact, as Willie teaches you Internet marketing
he’s often practicing Internet marketing as was
the case when Willie did the initial live
presentation of “The Secrets to Selling More Big
Ticket Products”. He shared with us, his
audience, step-by-step how he intended to monetise
the presentation and he has done exactly what he
said he would do providing a really great case
study along with all the other case studies he

Another great benefit of Willie’s secrets to
selling more big ticket items is that you don’t
need a big budget to get started. While some of
the strategies will take time to implement, the
advice Willie shares is doable by just about

However, you choose to consume “The Secrets to
Selling More Big Ticket Products” you’re going
to want to listen to the audio and or read the
transcript more than once because it truly is
jam-packed with excellent tips. I’ve been
successful in selling big ticket items in the past
and I’m really looking forward to putting
Willie’s secrets into action so that I can have
more big pay-days on a more consistent basis.

Nickolove Lovemore

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