Early Adopters, Influencers, and “The Tipping Point”

This will forever change the we marketers sell online.

Have your heard or read the book “The Tipping Point.”

Well, you are about to learn of a video you can see
today and the report that made this all happen.

People pay $47 a month to access reports like this
and you will get it today. No it’s not some “trial”
or anything like that.

Back to the book…

In the book by Malcomb Gladwell, the author explores
how Trends are set. The book explores how people
known as “Connectors”, “Mavens”, and “Salesmen” help
spread trends from small niche things used in “cliques”
to early adopters, influencers, and then…

“The Tipping Point”

That is when the masses of a sub culture or in many cases
(like Facebook) a mass culture adopt the trend. Very quickly
after it “tips” it is hard to imagine life with out it.

You have seen the same with The Internet, and TV and Radio

. . . and you are seeing the same happen this week in the
world of “Marketing” as we Know it.

In 2010 Mike Filsaime noticed a webinar promoted
by Kevin Wilke. It was recorded One-Time and used
every week with new traffic sources with a new
recorded intro in the front and the back.

Some of Kevin’s affiliates were making over $100,000 in
sales by promoting this “rolling” webinar. Mike Filsaime
knows all to well because he was one of those affiliates.

But it was a rolling webinar, but it was not “Evergreen”

Mike then read a report from the Marketing Guru Rich Schefren
called E.E.D.M – Evergreen Event Driven Marketing.

(This was one of the reports Rich puts out that his clients
pay him $47 a month to receive.)

Rich has allowed me to give this to your free at like link below.
I read this report when it first came out too, and instructed
many of my clients to study and follow it.

But back to the report for a minute…

This is the report that Mike FIlsaime says was the “Holy Grail”
for his business.

A report that showed him how to set up Evergreen Businesses.

Business that bring in $300k to $500k a month. Some months
average over $24,000 per day. (He will show in the video.)

This report was all “Theory” you could say.

Why just Theory?

Well, as good as it was, Rich spent $100,000 to develop his
own technology to do what was in the report.

No, we are NOT just talking about “Automated Webinars.” Come on,
anyone can do that. It was the BACKEND and Intelligence and NINJA
features and sequencing that was needed.

There was NOTHING on the market that did this. Rich tried them

Mike Filsaime also tried them all.

None did what was needed to do what the E.E.D.M report spoke of.

Mike Filsaime set out on his own to create the KILLER APP and it
has made him literally Millions in sales since November of 2010.

And now he is releasing the Software. It’s NO LONGER THEORY.
Mike Filsaime has “Split the Atom” so to speak.


But before you can get access to it next week…

…Mike Filsaime shows us a “Case Study” video that allows you
to see EXACTLY how he did this.

Two marketers you may know have paid Mike Filsaime $10,000 in
consulting for this. (And they went on to make hundreds
of thousands of dollars with this.)

Mike Filsaime is offering this video to you for free and he
has also gotten permission to allow you to get access to
Rich Schefren’s E.E.D.M. (Evergreen Event Drive Marketing)
for free. (Again people pay monthly for access to this report
and others, but you get this as a gift.)

What you need to do NOW is go watch this video from Mike Filsaime
and Download this report for free as well by entering your email.


This video will change the way marketing is done online.

In 2006, Mike FIlsaime re-wrote the rules with Butterfly

In 2011, Evergreen Business System will become the new standard
as you watch the Tipping Point happen this week.



PS – Later this week. Mike will show you what his KILLER APP
software does. There is nothing like this anywhere. It is all
new and written from the ground up with Mike’s partner Hector.

If you think this is some basic version 1 stuff, wait until
you see this. Truly, the marketers are standing on their heads
to get access to this.


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