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This week’s issue is all editorial. Just a few things
to share with you, then I’m off to Mark Hendricks’
“Secret Money Generator” Workshop in Orlando. Actually
all of the things are related, and it’s important that
you check them all out.

If you’re not familiar with Mark’s SMG, it’s a piece of
software that allows you to literally generate websites
with thousands, even tens of thousands of pages in

Managers for many large affiliate programs actually
offer their product listings in a data feed. Mark’s
software pulls these data feeds into webpages
generated by the software. So if you have a website
about… photography… and you wanted to sell cameras,
if you used this software it would be possible to
create tons of pages about specific models and variations
of cameras. These pages could have photos, prices,
descriptions, order links, everything… all pulled in
from data feeds provided by manufacturers that you
are an affiliate for.

Mark’s workshop is for SMG owners and it’s where we
will learn hands-on how to takea advantage of ALL of
the features of the software. Since Orlando is only
a few hours from where I live, I saw this as the
perfect opportunity to really “power up” about 50 of
my “Under Achiever” sites. You can get all of the
details on Mark’s software here:

I mentioned my “Under Achiever” sites in the above
paragraph. Frank Kern popularized the Under Achiever
Method about a year and a half ago.

In case you’re not familiar with Frank, he’s the one
who was making about half a million dollars a year
selling his Internet marketing product. Then about 2
years ago, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) literally
came knocking at his door. They told him that they were
confiscating all of his assets and putting him out of
business. They had deemed his Internet marketing product
nothing more than a pyramid scheme. Frank told the full
story of what happened in a recent teleseminar I was on.

After having the FTC put him out of business, Frank
decided he wanted nothing to do with the “how to make
money” business. So he skillfully used his marketing
expertise to quietly build a series of websites targeting
tiny niche markets. The most famous of these sites was
one on teaching your parrot how to talk. Believe it or
not, Frank is back to where he’s earning half-a-million
dollars a year again.

Natuarlly, when the Internet marketing community heard
about what happened to Frank, there were a lot of rumors.
We all wanted to know what happened because we wanted to
know what we shouldn’t do. Frank shared some of that at
conferences with us, but he also shared how he was
“coming back.” He inspired us with what he kept calling
his Under Achiever method. He explained that this method
allowed him to make even better money and NOT attract
unwanted attention from the FTC or competitors.

I’m one of those people who listened closely to Frank and
adopted much of his teachings. That’s why I now have
numerous sites in niches I hope few people pay attention
to. I fully anticipate those sites earning me 7-figures
this year. When I integrate some of the stuff I hope
to pick up at Mark’s workshop, I wouldn’t be surprised
to see these sites earn about $3 million this year.
That’s a goal anyway.

I’ll let you in on a little secret here. Many of the
Internet marketers I’ve talked to one-on-one over the
past 3 years have confided in me that they are tired of
the “how to make money, teaching others how to make money”
niche. It’s ultra-competitive, and it’s actually not that
profitable. So, many of the top “Internet marketers”
have diversified into other niches… such as nutrition,
various hobbies, pets, etc. The competition is less
in these niches because many of those operating websites
in those niches have not studied marketing to the degree
that we “Internet marketers” have.

As I said, I’m a student of Frank Kern, and it’s going
to do a lot for me this year. Frank Kern and Ed Dale
have recently produced a home-study course of their
Under Achiever system. The home study course is on over
20 DVDs and in three huge manuals. I’ve had a copy for
a while but Frank hasn’t released it to the general
public yet. We share stuff with each other 😉 I spend
time each week going through and applying various lessons.
My wife is also a student of Frank Kern… an “undie.”

Frank is releasing his course to the general public
this weekend. He is going to sell fewer than 1000
copies total, EVER. He explained that he’s doing
this because he both doesn’t want to dilute the
power of his system, and he wants to be able to
provide customer support to all of his customers. He
knows he may get some questions although the course
is very detailed (lots of step-by-step Camtasia
tutorials for example).

Anyway, if this sounds like something that might
interest you, you can check it out at:

I encourage you to check it out even if you aren’t
interested in the product for another reason that
I’ll get to in a second.

A third product that I want you to check out is
Yanik Silver’s Ultimate Copywriter’s Home Study
Course. Yanik is an incredible copywriter who went
from being a student of Dan Kennedy to being invited
to TEACH at Dan’s “last-ever” copywriters workshop.
As you should know by now, if your web copy isn’t
good enough to convert customers, nothing else in
your internet marketing equation really matters.

Take a look at Yanik’s course at:

NOW, think about what was common in all of the
above products. They were NOT $20 ebooks. In fact,
they were not ebooks at all. They are all physical,
multi-media products. Multi-media is just a fancy
term that us Internet marketers use for anything
other-than text emails. In the above examples,
we’re talking manuals, DVDs, CDs, Camtasia tutorials,
teleseminar… lots of methods of getting the
information across.

I also happen to know that Frank and Yanik are friends
of John Reese. John is the one who earned $1 million
in A DAY, August 17th, 2004. We’re all watching what
he did and listening to him explain why what he did
worked. To see how John became the first “Internet
marketer to pull of this amazing feat, check out:

As a side note… John’s website has to be the
most copied website in the entire Internet marketing
arena. However, unless you understand how and why
the site works, it’s difficult to harness the full
power :-)

Now, notice a second lesson here. Notice the prices
on these products. I’ve been preaching for years…
because my mentors have been preaching it to me for
years, that you’ll make much more money if you
offer physical and multi-media products. The above
examples, by my mentors and friends, are proof of
that fact.

Take time to really study what’s happening with the
above products I asked you to take a look at. It’s
actually a major trend that’s taking the “online”
world by storm. It’s also demonstrating how easy
it is to take your online product offline, and in the
process substantially increase the actual physical
… and perceived… value. Only delivering
products through digital download ISN’T how to
earn a high six-figure or seven-figure income!

Ok, enough preaching. Take a look at the above
products. I DO actually own all four, and plan
on doing indepth reviews of all four in future
issues of this ezine. The reason I haven’t published
extensive reviews yet is that I want to make
the reviews themselves multi-media. That is, I
want to include video clips and Camtasia-generated
screen shots of the various features and functions.
I want to make it show AND tell. So this will take
just a little longer than just writing about it.
However, I know you’ll find those reviews a lot
more useful.

The only other thing I wanted to mention today is
that we will NOT have our Saturday brainstorming and
networking call this week. Since I’ll be right
in the middle of Mark’s SMG workshop, I wasn’t
sure I’d be able to conduct the call without missing
some important stuff. So, we’ll just plan on
doing our next call on Saturday, February 5th. I’ll
give you complete details on that call in next
week’s issue.

That’s it for this week 😉


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