Free Audio Interview On How To Automate Deep Backlinking!

Here’s an interview that I did with Charles Kassotis,
creator of NextGenLinks on the importance of building
deep backlinks (to every page on your websites) and
targeting the proper keywords when you do it
(generally long-tail keywords):

Charles cut his teeth while studying Nathan Anderson’s
MetaWebs system, and even taught at some of Nathan’s
seminars in Ireland!

In the interview we share a lot of things that people
are doing wrong in building links, or backlinks, how to
automate much of the process, and how to do it all
in an above-board way that won’t get your pages
banned from Google.

Charles IS an expert on this topic, having earned over
half-a-million dollars his first year that he focused on
Google AdSense.

Please tell your friends about this audio too :-)


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