Hate Squeeze Pages? A PDF Popup Is More Polite

“The money’s in the list.” That’s what we’ve all been
taught in the Internet marketing niche. To many that
translates into “you really, really need to focus on
building your list.”

Unfortunately, for many that means “doing whatever it
takes to force, trick, or bribe people onto your list.”

I’m not knocking list-building. I have a database of WAY
over half-a-million (across numerous niches).

Experience has taught me that it’s not really about
list-building though.

It’s about relationship building.

Internet marketers know that many people HATE being
“squeezed” in order to get a free gift. They know that
people don’t want to be forced to joint their list in
order to read an ebook, or in many cases even to read
a sales page. That’s what the squeeze page often forces
upon website visitors though.

Incase you’re not familiar with squeeze pages, a squeeze
page is a page that a prospect is driven to, and then, in
order to get past that page they have to subscribe to a

Perhaps they read about a really great free ebook, video
or audio. They arrive at the website salivating for this
great freebie that they’ve read about, and when they get
there they’re told that they have to join some newsletter
that they’re not sure that they want – as a condition to
get what they really want.

To many marketers it’s a fair trade. However, it starts
the relationship off on a contentious footing.

Perhaps they were told about a seminar or tele-class, and
when they arrived at the webpage to get more details,
they have to fill in a subscribe form before they can even
read the details of the event.

Yes, those who really want the information, will fill out
the form in order to get past the page, and many believe
that those willing to “jump through hoops” are better
qualified. Testing backs that line of thinking up.

Those who use these squeeze pages understand that most
people don’t buy on the first visit. Without a way to
remind them of who you are, they’ll probably never
return to your webpage. So, in order to be able to
follow-up with that visitor, they force the visitor to
join an email list.

In some places, I’ve been using a much gentler approach,
with outstanding results. I offer my website visitors
a free PDF that delivers tremendous value. After they’ve
read the pdf and benefited from our association, I then
invite them to subscribe to my ezine to get more great

I let the proven value of my product “sell” the prospect
on joining my list. That not only turns them into a new
“list member,” it often turns them into a raving fan.

Reports that I’ve given away recently using this model
cover topics such as:

– How to Drive More Traffic to Your YouTube Videos

– How to Become An Ecommerce Consultant To Offline

– How to Get 1000 Subscribers In The Next 30 Days

– How to Actually Generate Residual Income – Experience
Shared By Those Actually Doing It

– How To Market Yourself On Social Networking Sites

I’ve actually created about 2 dozen ebooks that use this
strategy, and I offer them in numerous niches.

The way my gentler system works is that after they’ve read
my free ebook, when they close it they get a popup
requesting that they join my list.

The popup contains my standard subscribe form that feeds
right into my autoresponders. A very large number of
people fill in these forms and join my lists everyday.

Since they voluntarily joined my list, instead of being
squeezed into doing it, we start the relationship off on
friendlier terms, and provided I deliver quality
information, they stay longer.

You can see a video demonstration of how I set my PDF’s
up at: http://HowToAddAPDFPopup.com

I still have squeeze pages on many sites, but as I watch
the results from this process, I’m beginning to see that
it’s a much more productive approach.

It respects the future subscriber more.

It doesn’t force people on your list who don’t want to
be there and can’t wait to get off of it.

You don’t get your database polluted with fake email
addresses, or email addresses that are never checked.

Think about it. If you hate being “squeezed” should you
really be doing it to your new clients?


Willie Crawford has been teaching proven effective internet
marketing techniques for 12 years. To learn more of Willie’s
tactics and tips, just drop by his frequently updated blog
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