How To Earn $2700 In Instant Commissions Today!

When I look around online, I see TONS of affiliate
marketers searching high and low for something
to sell to their subscribers.

Their struggle is that they send email-after-email,
recommending product-after-product, and NONE of their
customers are buying.

Their PROBLEM is that they are using the wrong

Their problem is that many of them are offering
their subscribers absolute crap! They are selling
them products that THEY don’t believe in, and
their subscribers are intelligent enough to look
at the sales page and see that the product sounds
pretty questionable.

Your customers can actually sense in the very words
used in your emails and on your webpages, what you
were really feeling when you wrote them. Some call
that “intuition.” Others call it “subconscious
communication.” Call it what you like, but people can
sense your intentions.

Your subscribers see that these products, often
sold through copy that doesn’t even explain exactly
what the product IS, are just going to distract
them, and waste their money!

The solution, if you are an affiliate marketer
looking for something that actually sells, is to
find a product that actually HELPS your customers.

As strange as it sounds, you need to actually CARE
about your customers :-)

Offer your customers products that work as
advertised, actually improve their lives, and aren’t
a bunch of half-baked theory cooked up by some kid
locked in his room, high on the latest designer

When people sense that you care about them, and
are actually helping them, they WANT to buy what
you have… you don’t really NEED to sell.

The way that YOU can make sales and instant
commissions today is to offer your subscribers,
followers, and friends, this simple ebook:

The ebook is called 20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day
Online. I helped to write the ebook, along with
18 other members of my mastermind.

Several authors of chapters in that ebook have
literally generated MILLIONS. Every author in
that ebook makes at least $3000 per month online
doing what he shares in his or her chapter. That
was a prerequisite for being included, and many
people who wanted to be included, gracefully
bowed out because they weren’t quite at that mark

Think about it though…

Just $100 per day (4 sales of a $25 product), is
$3000 per month. That’s more than many people in
America are currently earning.

Before I suggested writing this ebook, I went to
the very popular Warrior Forum and asked the
question, “How Many People Here Would Be Happy
To Make Just $100 Per Day… If You Only Had To
Work One To Two Hour Per Day To Do It?”

Over 5000 people read that thread, and lots of
them responded saying that they would.

Surprisingly, lots of people admitted right within
that thread that they had never earned their first
dollar online.

With that information, I went back to my private
membership site, and suggested to my group members
that we teach people how to actually do this.

That’s how “20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online”

After we wrote the ebook, we decided to allow
readers who purchased the ebook to become
affiliates, and to pay them 100% instant commission.

Our thinking there was that readers of the ebook
would be exposed to each author and their area of
expertise, and, over time, lots of those readers
would also seek out these authors for their

That is happening :-)

So, the way that you can earn $2700 today in
instant commissions is simply to grab a copy of
the ebook, read it, and then start recommending
it to your subscribers, followers, family and

You can’t honestly do that without reading the
ebook. You owe it to those who trust you to know
what you are recommending.

Yes, we do provide a few example emails that you
can use as a template to write your recommendation.
However, I’ve found that the most effective sales
message is one that comes from the heart. It’s you,
in your own heart-felt words, telling people how
and why you liked the ebook, and why you recommend
it for them.

The ebook is $27, and easily worth 10 times that
much… IF you use what it teaches. It shares
exactly how I and some very successful online
marketers do generate steady, dependable incomes,
while providing real value to our customers.

When you order your copy today, you will see a link
on the download page to register for the affiliate
program. When you register for the affiliate program,
you will be assigned a link unique to you.

When you recommend our ebook using your unique
affiliate link, you customers click on the link and
pay you directly for the ebook. The pay goes directly
to your Paypal account, meaning you DO need to have a
Paypal account if you want to earn commissions selling
the ebook.

After the payment is verified, Paypal automatically
redirects the customer to a download page where they
download their copy of the ebook from out site, and
they are also invited to join the affiliate program.

Don’t worry about there being too many people selling
the ebook… there are several hundred million people
out there who could really use this ebook. Anyone,
anywhere in the world, who has access to the internet
is a good prospect for you.

So, go ahead and grab your copy now. Read it, and
then just start telling people about it. Sell just
100 copies, and you’ve made $2700 in instant

Yes, you can do that in a single day :-)

If you have any questions at all about this ebook,
feel free to contact me at my support desk. That’s

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