Pictures Of My NEW GrandDaughter :-)

This year has already been one of continuously unfolding
miracles. The latest one is my new granddaughter Eve.

This morning, my son-in-law dropped Nancy and myself
off at the airport at 4:30am for a 5:30 flight to
Ft. Lauderdale, where we embark on the Marketers Cruise

As we were sitting in the waiting area, getting ready
to board our plane, our youngest daughter, the one whose
husband had dropped us off, called my wife to share that
she was having contractions fairly close together.

She was expecting her second child in about 3 weeks.

We boarded the plane and my wife anxiously called back,
to discover the our daughter was now at the hospital.

Fast-forward to 4 hours from when we took off from the
airport, we are finally in Ft. Lauderdale, where the
cruise ship will depart from tomorrow, and my daughter
has called to say that we have a new granddaughter.

By the time that we get checked into our hotel, she has
already posted photos on Facebook… some of which I
snagged, and posted here:

This child was born into a world VERY different from the one
that I was born into almost 53 years ago. Technology and
information are multiplying so fast that I can’t really
imagine what life will be like when she is a young adult.

I still marvel at what my new iPhone 4S can do :-)

One thing that my granddaughter won’t really have to
worry about is money. Provided I don’t UN-inherit her,
she is already set to be a millionaire by the time
she is 21. I did one simple thing late last year for her
“older” brother (18 months old), and I’ll do something
similar for her, and when they turn 21, I can literally
hand each of them over $1 million.

I actually share what I did in a free mini-course that you
can get here:

That’s a site where I, and over 700 of my friends, offer
free gifts (audios, videos, ebooks, etc.). All of these
gifts relate to personal development or ways to make your
life more satisfying.

One of the things that I chipped in was my mini-course
sharing some of the secrets that some VERY wealthy
people have taught me over the past few years.

I actually named the mini-course “How To Be Rich – Secrets
Of The Billionaires.” It shares some things that most
“average person” will never be exposed to, including how
I’ve set aside a few dollars today, and how without ever
adding another penny, that will grown into over $1
million for each of my grandchildren.

Go to this site, and my mini-course is listed on the third
page of gifts.

Without ever doing anything, my granddaughter is
already set for a life where money never has to be an
issue… because of knowledge people freely shared with
me (because I was teachable), and that I’ll now freely
share with you.


If you have been following my activity at The Internet
Marketing Warriors Forum lately, I’m actually in the
process of teaching as many of the 419,644 registered
members there… as will allow me to, the secret to
actually FINALLY making some decent money online.

What I’m doing is keeping a journal of everything that
I do for 30 days, starting January 2nd, 2012, as I earn
$100,000. I’m explaining what I do, why I do it, what
I am thinking, and what my results are.

Every day, I send out an email sharing what what I did
over roughly the past 24 hours. I’ve also archived all
of the updates inside a password protected membership area.

That allows those who tuned in to my experiment after
January 3rd when m fist update went out, to not miss

It’s not a step-by-step checklist where I want you to do
everything that I do in lock-step fashion. It is a diary
or what I did, why, and what the results were.

If you haven’t checked that out, you should. What I’ve
shared thus far has gotten a ton of very positive
feedback… some of it from people that are already
very successful themselves.

If you watch over my shoulders as I generate $100,000
in a single month, you HAVE TO learn lots of things
that you can easily apply to your online business.

Check that out here:

Ok, I need to get back to hanging out with others at
the hotel here. Many showed up a day or more early to
start networking pre-cruise. I’ve already seen my friends,
Frank and Caryl Sousa, Ross Goldberg, Warren Whitlock,
Erik Stafford, Ty Cohen and probably 2 dozen others,
and that was just as I tried to make my way to my
room to drop off my stuff.

“My fellow cruisers” are now in for eight days of me
showing them pictures of my new grandchild… just like
so many other grandparents do :-)


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