Price Fixing Scandal Rocks Amazon & The Kindle Marketplace

I just got done reading about a price fixing scandal that is
currently taking place on Amazon.

In short, Amazon is being forced against it’s will to do something
that could potentially ruin the Kindle Marketplace.

The good news is that you can profit off of Amazon’s misfourtine –
with Amazon’s full blessing by the way.

Let me ask you this – how would you like to make more money than
Tony Robbins?

That is not a typo, not hype, or exaggeration.

I have found a way to make more money per sale than ANY book
seller on Amazon.

I am not kidding.

I want to show you how you can make more money than Tony Robbins,
Tim Ferris, or any other major author.

What it is and how can you profit from it?

How can you scale it into a full blown business and have someone
else do the work for you?

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