Pulling Out Of Debt In A Month – During A Recession

Pulling Out Of Debt In A Month – During A Recession
Copyright 2008 by Willie Crawford

I get approached by people every day asking me what’s
the quickest way to launch an internet marketing business
that will put them “in the black” in the shortest amount
of time.

I tell them to sell something that lots of people want
and are willing to pay for.

That answer seems almost sarcastic, but it’s not. It’s
actually what I’ve had numerous people that I’ve coached
do. These were individuals who came to me deeply in debt.

Let’s expand upon the things that I teach them.

The first thing that is obvious to me is that desperate
people often make BAD decisions. When we have our backs
against the wall, and the world seems to be crumbling
all around us, we simply see the world through a
different set of glasses. It’s during those times that
you need someone who is calmer, and less stressed, to
serve as a voice of reason.

The first question to be answered is often “how do I
generate immediate cash, and stop the hemorrhaging.” My
answer is often to sell a product that pays instant
commissions, and I recommend products that also pay a
high percentage commission.

An example of such a product is the ebook, “20 Ways To
Make $100 Per Day Online” (http://20Ways.org). This
ebook sells for $27 but has a customer-only affiliate
program that pays 100% commission. So I have these
cash-strapped clients buy a copy of the ebook so that
their data is in the system as an authorized seller and
because this is a very powerful ebook.

Next I have them spend a few hours actually reading the
ebook. As they read the ebook, they usually get an
idea of what they should personally be selling and they
share with me their roadmap for recovery. Naturally that
makes me smile because for $27 and a few hour reading,
“I solved” their seemingly insurmountable problem :-)

After they’ve read 20 Ways, I have them write a review
of the ebook, in their own words (nothing hypey). I have
them post this review on their blog, and also send this
review out to their email list or personal contacts.

They are usually SHOCKED when the sales come flooding
in, but I have literally seen people make $3000 in
sales in under a week using this simple system. “The
secret” is that when you write a review in plain English,
and it comes from the heart, your readers can sense this.

Authenticity and honesty sells like nothing else.

The objection that I sometimes get from clients is that
they don’t have a big list. I point out to them that they
don’t need a big list, they just need a list of the
right people. Most marketers that I know with huge lists
have horrible conversion rates (as a percentage of their
total list). That’s because on those huge lists, probably
less than 10% are true followers.

So, if you build a smaller list, but it’s comprised of
people who actually read your email, blog posts, “tweets”
or Facebook posts, you can out-market many “gurus.”

One of the most successful “up-and-comers” that I know
is Craig Beckta. Craig doesn’t have a huge list, a
busy website, or even a well-known name. So, Craig had
to figure out how to be where people who are looking for
what he is selling are at.

Craig does that using “Web 2.0 Sites” and “below-the-radar”
marketing methods that most of the big list owners don’t
even notice. Craig quietly positions himself so that as
the large list owners whip the market into a frenzy
about a given product, he is right where those excited
buyers are when they are ready to purchase.

Craig calls his system “The Secret Affiliate Code” and
it’s actually something that I both teach and use. In
fact, Craig recently released a very inexpensive course
called “Secret Affiliate Code 2″ and included an audio
interview of me and my stealth tactics in it.

As I read through Craig’s course, he used numerous
examples of what he had observed me doing to make various
points. I was actually somewhat honored.

The key for someone with their back against the wall
IS to initially find low-cost or free ways of getting
the word out. One example that I’ll mention is Twitter,
at http://Twitter.com.

Twitter is the fastest growing phenomenon that I’ve ever
seen! If you’re not there, you need to sign up today.

Craig mentions Twitter in Secret Affiliate Code, and even
shows his method for accumulating “followers” at “the
speed of light.” His methods are completely ethical,
don’t spam, and quickly build a following of people who
actually like and connect with you.

I mentioned Twitter in particular because that IS one of
the places that I point clients who are in a desperate
financial bind. In some ways, your Twitter following IS
“a list.” It’s a group of people who tune in to your
posts (your tweets) as long as you keep them interesting.
If they find your posts boring or spammy then they simply
click a link and “unfollow” you. In that respect it’s
no different than an ezine subscriber getting off your list.

The biggest difference between Twitter and building a
regular opt-in email list is that I’ve seen relative
unknowns build a following of over 1000 in a week and of
over 3000 in a month. These are 3000 people who will read
what you post, and check out products and services that
you recommend, if you do it properly.

To learn the intricacies of tapping into Twitter and several
other social media sites, I do recommend that you get
and study Secret Affiliate Code 2. Get a copy at:

I’ve studied Craig’s teaching at length, and do use them.
At the same time, I really understand how to harness the
power of social media. In-fact, I was recently listed
#9 on the list of “The 50 Most Powerful and Influential
Men in Social Media.”

Craig’s methods work :-)

You may ask, do I actually recommend that cash-strapped
individuals get both of the products above. My answer is
yes, and it’s for a very important reason. It’s very
important that they have an investment in their own
success. They get rid of excuses when they do.

It’s something that parents understand intuitively, and
why we often have our children invest in the purchase of
their first car although we could just give it to them.
If they spend their hard-earned money on a car, even if you
help them with the payments, it has more meaning to them.
It represents their sweat, and they’ll drive it more
carefully, and take much better care of it.

It also instills a bit of pride, and gets rid of that feeling
of being a victim.

We’re strange creatures who can experience MASSIVE mood
changes in mere seconds. Knowing that we are not curled up
in a corner whimpering, but proactively working to solve
a problem, shifts our moods dramatically, and causes us to
be willing to take massive action.

When you are over you head in debt, it does often take
massive action to dig out from under. Without the proper
attitude, most of us will not dare to take that massive
action. We need to see just the tiniest bit of progress,
and then the light at the end of the tunnel becomes so
much clearer.

That’s why I have them get, read, apply and start selling
“20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online” first. That ebook
shares 20 simple ways that very ordinary people earn a
full-time living online. It illuminates the path. At
the same time, as you implement one of those methods,
writing a review and making dozens of quick sales causes
that rapid, massive mood change that we often need.

When you sell copies of “20 Ways” the payments are made
directly to your Paypal account. Seeing immediate cash flow
will shift almost anyone’s mood :-)

We’ll continue this discussion in another article since
this one is getting long. I hope that this article shows
you that it is possible to pull out of debt, even in a
recession. There are dozens of proven roadmaps already
waiting for you. All you really need to do though is print
this one out and get started.

It is possible to turn thing around VERY quickly. That just
requires not over-analyzing things, and instead getting in

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