Rapid Business Growth IS All About Personal Connections


Speaking At The ISS Mastermind Workshop

Here’s a little further peek into my methods and madness…

This past weekend, I was at Mark Hendricks’ ISS Mastermind
. That intimate workshop had about 50 attendees,
some of whom I already knew.

At the workshop I took digital photos with as many attendees
as practical, and also collected their business cards.

Now comes the step that MOST people wouldn’t think of or
would consider too much work. Immediately after this
workshop, and all live events I attend, I try to:

1) Enter each person into my database.

2) Email them a copy of any photos that we took

3) Make a note of their projects and look for ways that
it makes sense for us to work together.

4) Send them a physical greeting card that contains
OUR photo in it… if we took one together. If we didn’t
take one together then I send a greeting card with just
my photo.

To send the greeting cards, I use a company called
Send Out Cards. You can sign up through my referral
link: http://SendOutCards.com/willie

The cards cost me a little over $1 each, including first
class postage. I just log in to my account, design a card
to include uploading the digital image, and click send.
I’m asked to confirm, and as soon as I do, it’s cued up
at the company.

The Send Out Cards company then prints out a full color
greeting card that rivals any card in any card shop,
stuffs it in an envelope, and mails it with a regular
first class stamp on it, to anywhere in the world.

In about 10 minutes I have started building a real
relationship with someone I met at one of these event,
etched them deeper in my mind, and made an impression
on them because I let them know that I really do want
to get to know them better.

At EVERY event that I attend, I do meet new partners
who are helping to move me towards my “Million Dollars
In 90 Days
” goal. I realized before starting this project
that it is about personal relationships. So I can get lots
of people to help me out with this goal. In fact,
practically every person that I met at Mark Hendricks’
ISS Workshop, asked me HOW they could help me with that
goal :-)

This one technique should generate over $100k of that
goal… at least that’s my estimate.

You are free to use this technique too. In fact, I’ll
even PAY for you to test the system. Just visit:
– Click on the button labeled “Get Free Sample Account”
in the right menu bar.
– I will set up a free account allowing you to send a
few greeting cards at my expense. I’m basically allocating
some of the money (for cards and postage) in my account
to a free trial account that I’ll set up for you. I’m
giving you a few dollars of my money :-)

Send at least one of these cards to someone in your
household. An unexpected card will get you a big KISS
and you get to see the quality of the cards 😉

If you don’t use these free cards in a reasonable amount
of time, I’ll cancel the free trial account, and the money
will revert back to me.

I’ve just revealed a second secret to my success! I
acknowledge that you do need to spend money to make
money. I’d never generate $1 million in 90 days by using
only free traffic exchanges, etc. Out of every 100 free
sample accounts that I set up for this system, roughly
80 will become customers of this system, and I earn a little
money off of EVERY card that they send for as long as they
use the system!

If you surf around the net you’ll see that a lot of people
are talking about this project, and some are even calling me
crazy. However, what I’m doing is perfectly logical, and
feisable. It’s just that it requires MASSIVE, immediate
action. Something most people don’t seem be willing to