Those “Gurus” Who Won’t Even Respond To You…

If you’ve dealt with many top online marketers,
you often get the feeling that they don’t really
care about YOU.

You get the feeling that all they care about is
getting into your wallet… anxious to sell you
stuff… sometimes not even seeming to care if it
works or not!

They’re impossible to reach, and NEVER respond
to your questions.

I once felt the same frustrations that you do.

In-fact, so did many of my friends, including many
leading online marketers.

YES, some people even grow too BIG to make time
to talk to other leading internet marketers. They
isolate themselves and make it seem like it’s a big
honor to even get a glance at them from a distance.

In my 12 years online, as I did gradually get more
and more successful, I deliberately stayed reachable.
You can see that in the nearly 9000 helpful posts
that I’ve made to the popular Internet Marketing
Warriors Forum.

Several months back, some of my friends suggested
that we needed to acknowledge who really makes
our success possible.

They suggested that we need to actually “get off
our high horses” and serve our customers!

We brainstormed, and what we came up with is a site
where you can DIRECTLY ask your most pressing
internet marketing questions to some of the brightest
minds in the business… and we’ll answer them!

We do want to share those answers with others since
our most limited resource is our time, and others
probably have the similar questions to yours.

Take a minute now, and actually ASK a question, and
have a leading, seasoned internet marketer respond!