Today Is The Day That You Turn Things Around For Your Online Business – Here’s How…

Today is Friday, January 28th, and the first month of 2011
is almost GONE… forever!

Is 2011 shaping up the way that you want it to?

If not, I’d like to take you by the hand and teach you what
it actually takes to build a successful online business.

More specifically, I’d like to teach you HOW to earn a nice,
steady, dependable, more-than-adequate income as an
affiliate marketer.

To do that, I have put together an in-depth, step-by-step
course in affiliate marketing, that I call my “Insider
Affiliate Training.” It’s delivered to you in 52
time-tested lessons that I personally went over with a
fine-toothed comb earlier this month, to make sure that
EVERYTHING is completely up to date.

These lessons teach you things step-by-step… with a
level of detail that you won’t find in any other course.

You can register for my training… the best on the
planet… written from my 15+ YEARS of experience as an
affiliate marketers, at:

However, if you are serious, and really want to make
2011 different, I’ve decided to add 750 videos to this
training. These videos SHOW you many of the things that
you will need to know both to be an affiliate marketer
and to market your own products.

These 750 tutorials will teach you EVERYTHING that you
need to know about:

– Setting Up And Using WordPress
– Setting Up And Using Paypal
– Using Amazon S3 File Hosting
– How To Really Leverage YouTube (11 Videos)
– Creating Your Own Photo Gallery
– Setting Up And Using CMS
– Setting Up And Using Drupal Content Management System
– Getting The Most From Joomla
– Understanding And Using XHTML
– The Finer Points Of Using PhotoShop
– Mastering WordPress
– Managing Your Websites Using WHM
– Managing Your Hosting Accounts Using WHMCS
– Setting Up And Using Several Popular Shopping Carts
– Setting Up And Working With Gmail (Think Gmail On Steroids)
– How To Set Up And Use Other Popular Email Programs
– Managing MySQL Databases With phpMyAdmin
– Creating And Managing Forums
– Working With FTP (Using FileZilla, WinSCP, CuteFTP,
WS FTP, Smart FTP Flash FXP, And Others)
– Working With Fantastico Deluxe To Manage 3rd-Party
– Setting Up And Using DNS Servers

*** You get the picture. The 750+ video tutorials will
teach you all of the little technical things that you may
at some point need to know or look up as you run an online

These videos AREN’T even mentioned on the sales page. That’s
because I only decided today to make them available to you
and I’m honestly not sure how long I’ll offer them for free.
These videos cost me a small fortune, and while I’m very
generous, I do know that I could (should) be selling them.

So, if you are really, really, serious about making 2011
the year that you take responsibility for you life… if
you want to live the life-style that you and your family
deserve, then you need to register now!

I’ll see you in the success circle!


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