Top 10 Ways to Improve Twitter Productivity

My friend David Perdew, over at the My Twitter Toolbox Gold
Membership site, shared the top ten ways to improve Twitter
productivity. Below are the first five. Tomorrow I’ll send you
to 6 through the 10.

What began as a fun and innovative way to achieve social
networking has quickly become an easy and helpful tool for
promoting businesses, both small and large.

If you’re already using Twitter for your business, then you’ll
want to look for ways to improve your productivity. How can you
be more productive with a site that only allows you to type 140
characters? Here are 5 of the top 10 ways to improve your time in
the Twitterverse.

1. Sort out your followers. You can find applications that will
allow you to separate the people you follow and tweet to into
separate groups. This way, you can have a group for your friends,
your family, business connections, and more. With these separate
groups, you can focus your business related tweets on the right

2. Tweet and tweet often. You cannot be very productive with
Twitter if you don’t dedicate time to it. One way to get many
followers is to tweet as often as you possibly can. By doing
this, you will have more of a chance of people noticing you and
following you.

3. Send useful messages. Tweeting often does not mean sending the
same messages over and over. If potential followers see that you
never post anything new, then they may not follow you. While you
want to tweet as quickly as possible, make sure you are tweeting
something worth reading.

4. Include links, but make them short. There are plenty of
applications that will allow you to shorten your links to save a
great deal of room. Make sure that you always use a
link-shortening tool to make the most of every tweet you send.
As an example, I personally use Your Own Short Url which you’ll
find at

5. Know when to step away. Of course, you don’t need to spend
all of your time on Twitter. Remember that you do NOT need to
neglect the other parts of your business. Make sure that you
devote enough time to all of your business areas.

If you’d like to see a video introduction of the top 20 Twitter
tools, visit

And be sure to catch the next 5 ways to build a better life using
Twitter in tomorrow’s installment.

Happy tweeting,


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