What I Tell Clients Who Need To Generate $20K FAST…

Over the past week, I’ve had at least 30 people contact
me asking for ideas on how they can make some really,
really quick cash.

Most of them needed a few hundred dollars for unexpected
expenses, but several needed over $20k.

For the ones only needing a few hundred dollars, I told
them to do a quick email promotion for products paying
INSTANT commissions, and I suggested a couple such

If they countered with not having a list, I showed them
ways to promote VERY effectively without having a list!

I have a LOT of marketers who confide in me, sharing
their sales statistics. Some do this because they want
my suggestions as to how to improve conversions. Others
want me to know how WELL their products are converting
so that I will help spread the word, and help them to
recruit more affiliates.

Lately, I’ve pointed many people to a free “group” that I
formed on Facebook called “Affiliate Products Proven To
Sell.” The purpose of that group is for members to tell
other members about affiliate products that are selling
well for them.

That group is the perfect place for you to go to find
affiliate products that DO actually sell well, and some
of those products do pay INSTANT commissions…. directly
to your Paypal account. So, if you need some immediate
cash flow, this IS a good place to look. You can join
that group absolutely free at: http://timic.org/Proven

If you find yourself in that group needing to come up
with $20K in a hurry, you could generate the cash by
promoting an affiliate product… if it’s the right
product. I’ve done $70k in affiliate sales in a single
week, but that’s unusual :-)

If you need to come up with the bigger bucks, you probably
want to launch your OWN product. I do teach people how
to create and roll out products really, really quickly.

I’ve personally created and rolled out a product in as
little as 24 hours. If you want to know more about how
to do that, or my system, drop me a note at my help desk.

Just visit: http://WillieCrawford.com/helpdesk/
Please use the category “Personal For Willie” and I will
get back to you as soon as practical.

If you need immediate cash flow, you should know that
you are not the only one. I’m seeing more people come
to me with this problem lately than in all of my previous
15 years online.

A sign of the times?

I just wanted you know that there IS an answer :-)


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